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Super Bowl XLIII 2.1.09


NFL Championship game -Superbowl-  

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yeah, having no vested interest in this, im running with the Steelers, cause my brother jaimey's an inexplicably diehard pittsburgh fan. mebbe this'll make up for that time in the 90's he went out to louisiana or wherever just to see torreta lose the championship for the canes, he didnt speak for days.

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no, that's the Pats. but the Eagles are annoying enough, and their fans are insufferable.


Insufferable huh... sounds like a grumpy dolphins fan whom of which don expect anything but disappointment from their team to me... Eagles fans (such as myself) are mad hungry for a championship already.. its been long enough.. theyre made it to enough championship games time to win some, don't talk unless ur team's been to anything close, thanks.

PS.. being from philly i gotta suffer through seeing all da bandwagoners every time a philly team makes the playoffs


how would you feel if u were in the line at the movies and every1 in queens NY was wearin a stinkin miami sea mamma... i mean.. dolphins jersey? yea.. pretty stinkin tough..


I just CANNOT BELIEVE how poorly the EAGLES D #5 overall played compareed to a friken 20-sumthin ranked D... disgruntled am I...


U won't understand until your balls have been tickled with out intercourse for over 25 years (i just turned 26 btw)


all i gotta say is wow son, kill urself

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American football is something that I've been wanting to learn more about for a while due to the vague similarities with Rugby.


I'm gonna go with the Steelers cos I saw them play the Chicago Bears in Dublin when I was like 9 or something. Not too sure why they were in Dublin playing a game though. It was a random promotional thing I think.

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