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Veronica Mars Returns!


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I loved this show.


So much I downloaded all of season 3 (illegally-or id still be waiting!) and intend on spending the $80 on it when its released in three months.


So much I cried at the last episode, because it sucked.


So I 'eeeeeeked' myself stupid when Skeet sent me this:




(Well, not that exact article, but something similar)


Are there any other Hondonians out there who miss Sassy VM?

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i finally got into and quickly finished this show (it's on thewb.com for those in the U.S.). God damn that was a fine show and kristen bell is fucking AWESOME! the 3rd season was a bit choppy and some of the main characters from previous seasons were M.I.A. or marginalized at times during the last season, but the first two seasons are absolutely solid. awesome writing (it's successfully filled my whedon void since dollhouse ended). i'm feeling really pissed after watching the last episode though. i couldn't believe that was it. shit needs to be resolved. i hope they make a movie but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. anyway, i just needed to praise/vent.




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Hulu reviving 'Veronica Mars' with Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas


“Veronica Mars” could be making its long-awaited TV return.

Sources tell Variety that a revival of the series is currently in the works at Hulu with original series star Kristen Bell poised to return as the titular detective and original series creator Rob Thomas serving as writer. Warner Bros. Television, which produced the original series, would be the studio. Sources caution, however, that the deal for the series is not yet final. It is also unknown if any other original series stars besides Bell would return or what the plot of the series would be.


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On 8/22/2018 at 7:55 AM, Donatella said:

I’ve never seen Veronica Mars. I wonder if the original is worth a binge. 


It definitely is. The original was pretty good. If you don't have anything you really into and need something to watch, I totally recommend watching VM.


16 hours ago, The NZA said:


I might actually watch Hulu for once now.


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