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Eh...meant to mention this while in Texas, too late now, but so everyone knows:


Starting this year, the industry's deemed May 4th (or perhaps whichever's the first Saturday of May) "Free Comic Book Day".  Its basically a chance for the various companies to advertise their books, they set it right around the release of the Spider-Man movie for a reason.

This year, they gave out speical edition reprints of Ultimate Spider-Man # 1, as well as copies of Tomb Raider, Queen & Country, Star Wars: Episode II, Justice League Adventures (based on the animated series), Matrix, Oni Press' Hopeless Savages, another small perss one Ita: Code of the Dragon and a few others, it was cool.

Didnt hurt that many stores also handed out some of their surplus stuff as freebies, either.  Anyway, ill give more notice next year, just wanted to let everyone know of this day's existence.  Also, if youre local & interested in these books, you can borrow mine, the few ive read so far are pretty good, lookin forward to Queen & Country.

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I asked my comic shop to keep one of any free shit for me, I was in the day before FCD. Here's hoping they did, especially since I have them keep bundles of comics for me, and when I can get to Dublin to get em, they regularly come to over a hundred quid! I deserve at least a few free comics!

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Yeah, that..that's fuckin great, way to contribute...i back ya up with Iron Man & War Machine, and i get this...? :D


On a side note - i got an extra copy of Justice League Adventures if anyone wants it, lemme know.

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It's about that time again...free comics!


May 3rd will be the official second annual Free Comic Book Day, so if youre anywhere near a comic shop, stop off for some free books - usually good ones too, as many top names are takin advantage of the advertising.


This year's books signed on to give out free copies (usually special editions of # 1 issues, to help readers jump on):


Ultimate X-Men

Batman Adventures

Way of the Rat (cool martial arts book i read)

Frank Miller's Robocop

Rocket Comics: Ignite (Dark Horse, should be interestin)

Leave it to Chance (a popular indie book; im glad to see this market gettin attention here too)

Alternative Comics - Anthology of indie stories, should be cool

Peanut butter & Jeremy - inde book of cat & bird, looks funny

Avatar Graphic Novel sampler - cover looks cool

Superheroes, Inc

The best of Dork Storm - Yahven & others will like this, Dork Tower is funny shit

Slave Labor Stories - Milk & Cheese! These guys are violent, but cool

Christina's 100% Garunteed how-to manual for getting anyone to read comic books! (#37 of 1?) - hah, this one should be cool.


There's a lot of other cool lookin ones, listed listed at this site right here. Weird too - Keenspace.com, the people who host Silent Bob's website, are including a comic ad to their corner of the net as well...plus, lighter books like Archie, Donald Duck etc.

Cant go wrong with free people...ill update as the list grows.

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I should be in Miami just around the time of Free Comics Day this year, and usually get a few extras...ill hold onto a copy of Dork Storm for ya, get it sent out sometime. (you know they have a web page, right? Come to think of it, since they run a stirp there, why doenst Yahven have it goin on our Comix page?)


If anyone else is interestd in the books listed there & cant get on down by a comics shop (remember, there's usually leftovers for a week or so), lemme know and ill grab what i can for ya.

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No problem..one copy of Way of the Rat, long as im in town in time to catch free comic day...and yeah, its a fun martial arts book about theives, cool fights and talking monkeys.

Jumbie - Dork Tower, MLB - Way of the Rat...anyone else not gonna be near a comic shop around then and wants a free copy of somethin? Ulitmate X-Men's a cool book....

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Hey, welcome aboard mystrerytramp! I was just :D ing out your links too...good to see ya man.

Hey, if you want, PM me your address; if i can get an extra copy of the SLG one (hopefully) ill try to send it on your way; already makin a short want list from other people here, assumin my nearby shops carry em it shouldnt be a problem...lemme know.

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So, i got some of the books, others miss Heartlessbitch is helpin out with (thanks!), here goes:


Jumbie - Dork Tower, its a few others in there too, ill send it off when i can.


MLB - Got your Way of the Rat if you didnt, still have your addy so ill pass it on soon.


mysterytramp - Ill have the SLG one soon but i wannna get an extra for you, soon tho i think.


If anyone wanted any others, now's the time to let me know while theyre still mostly free.

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May 7th - Free Comic Book Day!


This year...



by Dan Parent

This special issue not only delivers the goods with appearances from Betty, Veronica, Midge, Cheryl, Maria, Brigitte, Ginger, and Veronica’s cousin Marcy; it also reintroduces one of the most popular characters Archie ever published: Katy Keene! In "Model Citizen," Katy returns as Ginger’s assistant at Dazzle Magazine. An aspiring model, Katy is hoping to learn the ropes… and when Archie’s gal pals become involved in the magazine’s fashion design and model contest, you know those ropes are sure to get tangled! Along the way, readers’ fashions will be worked into the story in a tip of the designer hat to Katy tales gone by.


7x10, 32pgs, FC..........FREE!


Beckett COMICS



by Jeff Amano & Craig Rousseau

Masterless samurai because their Lord fell prey to treachery, Oishi of the 47 Ronin leads his men to regain their honor even though it will end in their inevitable death. Death by either the superior numbers of their enemy or death by their own blade if they should actually succeed. But first, they must plan. First, they must protect the have-nots from those that have too much. Before they die as samurai, they must fight…as ronin.


7x10, 32pgs, FC..........FREE!





by Matt Groening

This year, the comic book company that brings you The Simpsons and Futurama in the fantastic four-color format jumps into the fray on Free Comic Book Day with a comic cornucopia of tantalizing tidbits and a spectacular sampling of the best in humor comics!


7x10, 32pgs, FC..........FREE!


dark horse comics



by Miles Lane and Nicola Scott

Star Wars Episode III –Revenge of the Sith comes to theaters May 19 but a free sneak peek will be available in comic stores on Free Comic Book Day. This comic ties in with the events of Episode III, as the action of the Clone Wars comes to a dramatic conclusion and events are put in place for A New Hope. Battles rage in space, armies clash on alien worlds, heroes become martyrs, and friends become enemies — all leading up to the biggest, longest, and most incredible lightsaber duel in Star Wars history! This is the film that answers the questions "How did Anakin succumb to the dark side?" "What happened to Luke and Leia’s mother?" "And why are there no Jedi around in the original Trilogy?" (CAUT: 3) NOTE: Not available in the U.K. (May Purchase from U.K. Vendor)


32pgs, FC..........FREE!


dc comics



by Bill Matheny, Christopher Jones & Terry Beatty

The Dark Knight stars in a fantastic all-ages comic based on the hot new animated series on Kids WB! In this debut issue, when the vengeful Penguin pulls a heist that could reveal Bruce Wayne’s secret and destroy vast portions of the city, the Batman will have to use every resource at his disposal! Cover by Jeff Matsuda.


32pgs, FC..........FREE!


devil’s due




For present and new readers alike, Devil’s Due offers a sampling of our finest titles! Looking for a fresh, more realistic approach to super heroes? Curious about the buzz surrounding G.I. Joe? Obsessed with Capcom video games? Then this book is for you! Included in this special edition are tales featuring Defex, from the sell-out Aftermath line; G.I. Joe; and Udon's Darkstalkers! And the best part of all...? It's free! This flip book, features Udon’s Dark Stalkers on one side, with G.I. Joe and Defex on the other.


32pgs, FC..........FREE!








Carl Barks’ "Only a Poor Old Man" has been chosen for Free Comic Book Day this year. Originally published in Dell’s Four Color #386 (1952), this is the first feature-length adventure story starring Uncle Scrooge! A near mint copy of the original comic book lists in the 2004 Overstreet Price Guide for $1,600.00, but on May 7, the story is free! Wraparound cover.


7x10, 32pgs, FC..........FREE!


image comics




Image Comics presents this compilation of stories from the first two volumes of the widely acclaimed Flight Anthology. In 2004, a collection of cartoonists and animators first come together to take the comic world by storm with the initial full color trade paperback collection which featured a dazzling array of short stories in a variety of styles. Many of the stories deal with themes of flying, but the title is also a metaphor for an anthology that displays an astonishing array of young talents truly taking flight for the first time.


7x10, 32pgs, FC..........FREE!


impact books



by Will Eisner, Dick Giordano, Peter David, Lea Hernandez, Vincent Giarrano, and David Okum

This sampler contains standalone lessons from Comics & Sequential Art (by Will Eisner), Drawing Comics with Dick Giordano, Comics Crash Course (by Vincent Giarrano), Superhero Madness (by David Okum), Manga Secrets (by Lea Hernandez), and the upcoming Writing Comics with Peter David. It contains everything the aspiring pro needs to begin creating comics – an entire "university" between two covers!


7x10, 32pgs, FC..........FREE!


marvel comics



by Todd Dezago and Michael O'Hare

Inspired by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko! Spider-Man makes a bid to join the Fantastic Four – the hard way! The newest Marvel Age title has our friendly neighborhood webslinger and New York’s favorite super-team doing their best to put aside their differences in order to defeat the evil master of disguise – the Chameleon! (Reprints Marvel Age Spider-Man Team Up #1.)


7x10, 32pgs, FC..........FREE!


AdHouse Books



by Joel Priddy, J Chris Campbell, and Zack Soto

The wildly successful anthology Project: Superior gives birth to… Superior Showcase! The first of many comics to showcase some of the best and brightest indy creators tackling the subject of heroes that are super! AdHouse fave, Joel Priddy returns to the free comic with his minimalist tale of heroic proportions. This time out he's joined by new comers J Chris Campbell and Zack Soto to create this great alternative all ages comic! Get in on the beginning a new series!


7x10, 32pgs, B&W……….FREE!


Alternative Comics



A spectacular anthology of all new material crafted by a stellar cast of award winning cartoonists including Graham Annable, Gabrielle Bell, Nick Bertozzi, Allison Cole, Rebecca Dart, Tomer & Asaf Hanuka, Tom Hart, Dean Haspiel, Sam Henderson, Thomas Herpich, Walt Holcombe, Damon Hurd, James Kochalka, David Lasky, Jon Lewis, Josh Neufeld, Matt Madden, Joel Orff, Adam Sacks, Jen Sorensen, Rick Smith, Rich Tommaso, Robert Ullman, Sara Varon, Lauren Weinstein, and more. This gorgeous book is an absolute must for both new readers and longtime fans of independent comics!




7x10, 32pgs, B&W……….FREE!


arcanA studio



by Sean O’Reilly, Adam Gallardo, Dave Rodriguez, Penciled by Allan Otero, Alfonso Ruiz, Todd Demong, and John Bosco

Arcana Studio Presents Kade, Starkweather, 100 Girls, and Ezra. All four of Arcana’s iconic characters are found in one issue with all new stories, published just for Free Comic Book Day! Kade, the enigmatic warrior who doesn’t feel, but always hurts. Ezra, a medieval mercenary for hire. Sylvia, one of 100 Girls genetically engineered to be super soldiers. Starkweather, a witch who has magic that he can barely control or understand. Arcana Studio Presents three all new stories of action, adventure and intrigue in the way that only Arcana can.


7x10, 32pgs, FC……….FREE!


Caption Box



by A. David Lewis & Various

Welcome to the Mortal Coils universe, courtesy of these two, new stand-alone stories. Pause at the "Pit Stop," the unlikeliest place for a powerful, ancient relic to be unearthed; then touch down at "Godpoint," where two unfortunate women give new meaning to the term "sleepwalking." The perfect introduction to the sci-fi, fantasy, and conspiracy-laden Mortal Coils: Bodylines trade paperback. A winner of the Cinescape Literary Genre Award and the Broken Frontier PSGA – Mystery/Suspense.


7x10, 32pgs, B&W……….FREE!


Comics Festival (Legion of Evil Press)



Celebrating the best of Canadian cartooning with a fantastic array of contributors! Includes stand-alone stories from Seth, Chester Brown, Kagan McLeod, Bryan Lee O'Malley, Cameron Stewart, Chip Zdarsky, and more, under a gorgeous cover by Darwyn (New Frontier) Cooke! A perfect introduction to a wide variety of great comics and creators!


7x10, 32pgs, B&W……….FREE!


drawn + quarterly


by Michel Rabagliati

This charming, all-ages comic collects Harvey Award winner Michel Rabagliati’s short stories from the Drawn & Quarterly anthologies, including the Ignatz-Award nominated "Paul in the Metro." Filled with sweet and fun coming-of-age stories that will appeal to readers young and old.


7x10, 32pgs, B&W……….FREE!




This 32 page sampler of Fantagraphics Books’ 2005 comic book releases introduces you to the diversity available in the alternative and independent comics scene! Featuring work by Ivan Brunetti, Jaime Hernandez, Gilbert Hernandez, Rick Altergott, Peter Bagge, Michael Kupperman, Richard Sala, Marc Bell, Max Andersson, Sophie Crumb, Johnny Ryan, Daniel Clowes and more! Tune in to some of the most exciting floppy releases of 2005 through this handsome anthology available exclusively on Free Comic Book Day.


7x10, 32pgs, B&W……….FREE!


g.t. labs

Bone Sharps, Cowboys, and Thunder Lizards: A Tale of Edwin Drinker Cope, Othniel Charles Marsh, and the Gilded Age of Paleontology fcbd edition

by Jim Ottaviani, Zander Cannon, Kevin Cannon, and Shad Petosky

Dinosaurs! Cowboys! Scientists! What more could you ask for? This special FCBD Edition offers a complete short story and tantalizing introduction to the fall’s upcoming graphic novel. In addition to the cowboys, dinosaurs, and villainous men of science Bone Sharps also features the world-renowned artist Charles R. Knight, Chief Red Cloud and hundreds of his Indian braves, the gun-totin’ & gamblin’ professor John Bell Hatcher, and special appearances by the Cardiff Giant, P.T. Barnum, Buffalo Bill Cody, and a supporting cast of rogues & gallants from the Eastern scientific establishment and the Old West. Cover by Mark Schultz.


7x10, 32pgs, B&W……….FREE!




by Wilson Hill, Gordon Purcell, Terry Pallot, J. Adam Walters, and Chris Marrinan

A beautiful Frank Brunner cover that will appear nowhere else graces this issue! Flare stars in the sixteen-page feature adventure, "Challenge of the Whipperette." And rounding out the issue are new stories with the Black Enchantress (who stars in the eight-page "On the Waterfront"), and a six-pager introducing the occult detective, Psyche. FC,


7x10, 32pgs, FC……….FREE!


Jetpack Press


by Rich Woodall and Matt Talbot

Don't Buy Johnny Raygun #5! Get it here for free! A simple visit back home goes haywire when Johnny makes a startling discovery — his little sister has developed super powers! Not only that, she’s gone all evil on him and decided to pick a fight with teenage super-group The Nuclear Kids! Is this a case of simple teenage rebellion or something more sinister? And can Johnny show his sister the error of her ways before it’s too late? It’s a cosmic-sized case of sibling rivalry! But the biggest challenge has yet to come — Johnny still needs to introduce his parents to his girlfriend!


7x10, 32pgs, B&W……….FREE!






by Steve Troop, Paul Taylor, Lee Adam Herold, John Troutman, Meredith Gran, Darren "Gav" Bleuel, Chris Crosby, and various

It’s 100+ pages packed with diverse comics of all styles and genres, most of them promoting and previewing Keenspot’s line of $9.95 graphic novels and webcomic collections. There’s something for everyone here, from the light slice-of-life humor of Wapsi Square, to the scarily grim fun of Chopping Block, to the hilarious gaming adventure of RPG World, and much more!


7x10, 100pgs, B&W……….FREE!


Oni Press



by Mike Hawthorne & Corey Lewis

The world of Hysteria is a manic, wacked-out place where P.I.s, cops, costumed criminals, and eccentric gangs all battle to make the city of Port Asteria into what they want it to be! The Sharknife universe is no less bizarre with superhero busboys in red rocket mech suits, restaurants with rodent problems, and the best peach dumplings ever to be tasted! Join Mike Hawthorne and Corey Lewis for a sizzling flipbook featuring all-new introductory stories for two of Oni’s most action-packed series!


7x10, 32pgs, B&W……….FREE!


Renaissance Press



by Jimmy Gownley

The cast of this Eisner and Harvey nominated comic meet for the first time, in this special "Zero" issue featuring an all new story in beautiful full color! Plus, go "On the Air'" with the hilarious kids of WJHC. This is the perfect book for introducing young readers to comics.


7x10, 32pgs, FC……….FREE!




Serve Man Press



by Sean Wang

Catch the sci-fi adventure from the beginning in this newly-remastered first issue! Life as an intergalactic smuggler isn’t easy for Roka Nostaco and the alien crew of the Khoruysa Brimia. They’ve got an important run to make, but they’ll have to get past a few obstacles first. For starters, they’ll have to deal with a marauding band of pirates intent on stealing their cargo. And when they find a surprise waiting for them in their cargo bay, it only gets worse from there. Every page of artwork has been remastered and touched up for the special FCBD edition of this highly-acclaimed series. A great jumping-on point for new readers.


7x10, 32pgs, B&W……….FREE!


Sky Dog Press


by John Gallagher, Chris Bailey, Rich Faber

Who knew comics could be this much fun again? Kids of all-ages will love this full-color, animated comics extravaganza, featuring: super-sidekick Buzzboy – One day he’ll be Earth’s greatest hero, but first he needs to build the perfect cheeseburger! Roboy Red – thermonuclear-powered, boy-robot fun! Plus, the introduction of animation super-star Chris (Clerks, Kim Possible) Bailey’s Major Damage – If you like The Incredibles, you’ll love Major Damage! Come join the fun!


7x10, 32pgs, FC……….FREE!


top shelf productions



by Andy Runton

Top Shelf celebrates Free Comic Book Day with an all-new, heartwarming tale from the all-ages graphic novel series, Owly. Already winning fans around the world, Owly is the kind, yet lonely little owl who knows what it means to be human. Join Owly in his latest adventure, Splashin' Around, as he learns that following your heart can bring the greatest reward.


7x10, 32pgs, B&W……….FREE!






If you had to construct the ultimate comic bookshelf, what would be on it? Where would Watchmen fit in? How high would Akira rank? And there has to be an X-Men tale in there, right? Wizard built its own bookshelf, stocking it with the 100 greatest trade paperbacks in the history of comics! The criteria of this list is based on the overall quality of the original stories, extra material, and presentation. The greatest comic book works by the greatest creators are all spotlighted: Eisner, Spiegelman, Moore, Ross, Bendis, Busiek, Claremont, Byrne, Pérez, Ennis, Dillon, Loeb, Sale, Smith, Gaiman, Mignola, Morrison and many more. The perfect tool for brand new fans along with old time fans looking for great comic book reading.


7x10, 32pgs, FC……….FREE!

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That..that's a full list of the books, from like 2 days ago! :D

If you need a store locator, its on the site, but i garuntee Anime Hurricane's got free shit if youre in the neighborhood.

Id pull stuff for people if i was around there, not this year tho.

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I was disappointed there wasn't more mainstream stuff. I mean it's good to expose books that would otherwise not get a look-in, but I was under the impression the whole idea of FCBD was to break in newbies. Which is kinda hard without recognisable icons... Ehh.

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I know what you're sayin; i still think the first year when it was a few days before the Spider-Man movie's premier, and they were giving Ultimate Spider-Man # 1 reprints out, that was the best move.


Again, im all about love for the indy titles - still wish i coulda gotten this one last year called "something something garunteed guide to get people to read comics" - but bigger names than Archie and the animated JLA do help, too. I think this was a slower year 'cause theyre supposed to put FCBD around the release of a big comic flick, and this year just aint ideal for that.

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