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I originally posted this as a reply to the "what are you listening to" thread, but I think it deserves its own thread.





What happens when a Hero, a Doctor, a Plumber, and a Bachelor all come together to make music? Well, magic happens.


Greg Grunberg, otherwise known as Matt "The Mind Reader" Parkman of Heroes fame guest starred on an episode of House, M.D. Along with the experience of helping make a great episode (2.14, "Sex Kills") Grunberg, a drum hobbyist, learned that House's Hugh Laurie is a very accomplished pianist whose lifelong goal has always been to play in a rock 'n roll band. That revelation set the ball in motion to contact other amateur musicians within their overlapping circles of friends to make Band from TV. BFTV includes Grunberg (Drums/vocals) and Laurie (Piano, vocals), as well as James Denton ("Desperate Housewives", guitar/vocals), Bob Guiney ("The Bachelor", season 1, vocals), and Bonnie Somerville ("Cashmere Mafia", Vocals) as the key players. Their common goal is to provide exposure to a variety of charities they hold dear to their hearts. Together with a band of backup musicians and singers, and a team of guest stars, they donate 100% of their profits and proceeds from ticket sales and merchandise to the Epilepsy Foundation, Save the Children, the Conservation Fund, Art of Elysium, the Child Abuse Prevention Program and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, among many others. Available exclusively from Amazon.com, their first album "Hoggin' All The Covers" is a double-feature of a full-length concert CD and DVD showcasing the hidden talents of all of each of the team members individually and as a full band. They cover songs from many genres, and put their own unique sound to each one. Some of my personal favorites from the CD include "Will It Go Round in Circles", by Billy Preston, sung by Hugh Laurie, and "Pink Caddillac" by covered by James Denton. "Hard to Handle" gets a rollicking treatment by Bachelor Bob Guiney. Overall the whole album is just chock full of fun and good feeling. Being actors, most of them aren't TERRIFIC singers, or TERRIFIC musicians, but they combine to something much greater than the individual parts. They put their hearts and souls into the music and into their combined cause, and it makes for a great listening experience. If you look on Youtube you're likely to find video clips from some of the shows they've put on, with guest singers including Jorge Garcia ("Lost") singing Mustang Sally, Teri Hatcher ("Desperate Housewives") singing Before He Cheats and I Feel Lucky, and Jesse Spencer ("House" - Dr. Chase), who evidently is an accomplished violinist, absolutely killing The Devil Went Down to Georgia.


Band from TV made their television debut on Jay Leno on January 15 but they've been around for two years now, slowly planting roots in the musical community. They've also contributed to the soundtrack to House, MD doing a cover of the perennial favorite, "You Can't Always Get What You Want". I'm attaching a few videos of their performances for your consideration, and a link to the band's website for more information. Definitely check them out. It's all I've been able to listen to for over a week.




"Will It Go Round in Circles" as played on Jay Leno


"Minnie the Moocher" (Cab Calloway) as recorded by BFTV for the House soundtrack

(Hugh Laurie also did this classic jazz song on Jeeves & Wooster some years back, though it wasn't nearly as cool... it was more classic Hugh-Laurie-funnyman stuff.)

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Miami peeps - Band From TV will be performing at the Shore Club Miami Beach on May 16th at a Concert for Charity event. Tix are 110 a piece (ouch!) but I'm thinking I might ave to make the pilgrimage because... how many opportunities do you get, really? This all hinges on who all will be appearing from the BFTV roster, so details will surely follow.

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