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MAX PAYNE: The Movie


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Most of the critics gave Max Payne 'mad bad' reviews and I expected as much. I decided to rent this due to a friend telling me it was much better than he had thought it would be. I watched the flick, and it surprised me. It isn't a great movie by any means, but I would call it a good flick for what it is. It is a video game movie. Had some good actors in it, coulda used some nekkidness, but the music was great, and the gun fight scenes were good. The gun fights scenes werent overused like I expected. There was only 2 instances where the 'bullet time' was used if I recall correctly, so they didnt abuse the hell out of that feature as well.


You can tell who the main villian is the moment he opens his stupid mouth (read: Im your friend, but in the end I wont be) but overall, the plot really wasn't all that bad. Good overall cast for the most part, and the movie wasn't made to be stupid, like I expected. There was one scene where Markie Mark screamed as if he were a beast, and I kinda chuckled, but there was a point to it. It was a 'dark' movie, but it didn't cast the whole movie at night and or in dungeaon like atmospheres so that also broke up the movie a little bit. They don't make him out to be all that super human as well, just a bad ass.


I did not like the demons in the first part, because I thought that this is where it was going to become stupid, but you soon realize the meaning/use for the demons making it a bit more acceptable, plus it isn't over used either.


Did anyone else watch this?


Expecting it to be a 1 or a low 2... I'd give it a 3 out of 5 stars. Yes, seriously.

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I still maintain it's a far better movie than a proper adaptation of the game ever would have been and it's really mostly the fans of the game that are getting sand all up in their vaginae (See above). The other end of the spectrum are the fucktards that showed up expecting Gritty Cop vs. Angels or some shit, and fuck them to be honest. It's a well made movie with good cinematography, decent acting, and a decent (if albeit cliche') story. The only problems are that it has no balls (it's the weakest PG-13 rating I've ever seen when it easily could have been R) and it tried to cater too much to the fans of that godawful game.

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