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Hulk vs Thor/Wolverine


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much love to newt for sharing this - theyre 2 seperate animations, no more than a half hour each, and way, way better than the recent marvel offerings (Ultimate Avengers, Iron Man etc).


Hulk vs Thor shows you a savage Hulk unhinged, wrecking shit in Asgard. its a lotta fun for a giant slugfest. Hulk vs Wolverine was the highlight for me; its all but setting up/paving the way for the upcoming film, with Weapon X shit galore - you get a spot-on Deadpool. Omega Red, Deathstrike, Sabretooth & co fucking shit up around a great wolvy/hulk fight. it was so much freaking fun, and no punches were pulled - limbs get cut, blood pours out when :wolvy: slices, all the shit you want from a great action piece is here. I really thought Mark Hamil was logan's voice at first, to tell you how solid the voice acting was.


Anyway, nothing too deep, but a lotta fun, very recommended.

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