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Denny's gives away FREE FOOD!!!

Ron Hightower

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So yeah, in an attempt to incite a riot, Denny's ran this ad during the Super Bowl promoting this... um, promotion. A free Grand Slam? I'm there! And so will the rest of this planet... SEE YOU THERE!!!


Oh yeah... here are the times so you don't forget (too bad Nick's not up at this time)...



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I personally know of several of my students who skipped a class or two to hit up different Denny's restaurants so they could get free grand slams several times. They said it was nuts.


On another note, I'm probably a terrible teacher since my students tell me they ditched class and I just shrug.

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unemployment's higher than its been in a long time down here, so dennys was kinda askin for it.


What this year's Super Bowl ads say about the state of the nation.


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