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Hey guys,

I don't know if this belongs in here, or the HonDos sub forum.


But i was just thinking, now with the prevelance of cheap flat panel technology and relative low cost of PS3, getting into HD Home Entertainment couldn't be easier.


Those in the know, know i've been slowly building up my HT setup over the past year and a bit.


I do have some recommendations for films on Bluray.


My top five that i have at the moment are


1: Transformers

2: Matrix Trilogy

3: Tropic Thunder

4: 300

5: Hellboy 2: The Golden Army


Visually and sonically these discs are amazing, i'll take pics of the set up running later, though imo doesn't do them justice.


Any other's out there with recommendations, or indeed, films they'd love to see on bluray.


For me i'd love to see Gladiator, Alien 1 & 2, LOTR, Sin City

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the film was funny, and that is where it ends.


...that's...kinda all it needs to be.


Sadly, I've yet to be able to afford a PS3 so I was one of those fools who hopped on the doomed HD-DVD train with my 360. You definitely have a good list of films that should be seen in high def, sof. Whenever the LotR trilogy gets released on Blu-Ray, it's going to be an event (ditto the Star Wars films) and anything by Ridley Scott would look amazing in high def, especially Gladiator (what I've seen of his Kingdom of Heaven on Blu Ray is insane).


Films that I'll need when I finally get a high-def collection:



Anything by Pixar (especially Cars, Ratatoille and Wall-E...all three of which are absolutely stunning visually).

the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy

Blade Runner

Jurassic Park

Saving Private Ryan

Kung Fu Panda (say what you will, it was a great looking flick)

Dragonheart (not a great film but for my money, one of the best uses of special effects)

A James Cameron collection (namely, Aliens, Terminator 2, The Abyss and True Lies)

Apocalypse Now

the Harry Potter films

Peter Jackson's King Kong


and of course, BBC/Discovery's Planet Earth series

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Planet Earth is awesome, forgot about that one.


I've also got Ratatouille, which is amazing.


Jan's bro has Car's and that is sublime!!!


I also forgot Dark Knight, and Batman Begins, both visually amazing, and sonically.


Its amazing the difference a good amplifier makes!!

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so its out, then? the dvd has it uncut or wha? see, hearing that got me happy.


I don't think you can get it on Blu Ray yet. The only version of Die Hard 4 I've seen in the format is the one that comes in the Die Hard collection, and I'm pretty sure that's the Pg-13 cut. It's real easy to find on standard dvd though.



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bishop, i second blade runner... it even has japanese subtitles!! how does a movie so old look so good? but of course, they say it was enhanced... btw, what's your new surround system?


other recommendations: pixar movies - cars, the rat one and wall-e. you can even see the little scratches on the cooking pans on the rat one!



sunshine - seconded also. not a great movie, but beautiful in high def.



lost - any blu ray set. you wish you were stranded at that island it looks so good!



beijing olympics hd rip... yes, it's not blu-ray, but high def tv. the ceremony must be seen like this! so many Chinese people!


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