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So I picked up Flower on psn last night, it's by the guys who did flow and I must say I'm impressed.


The games hard to discribe, your basicly the wind and you move petals around various fields and get flowers to bloom, I know it doesn't sound like much but the game is very pretty, fun and very relaxing. and easy to get some play time in between other things, anyone else given this game a try yet?

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i gotta say, i thought this game mightve gotten laughed outta the room last night, when a bunch of half drunk/high people reminiscing over the Sega Collection games jumped onto this arthouse project, but it was one of the more satisfying PSN games ive played, really a highlight for me. Again, i look for these kinds of quirks every gen.


For one, much love to ThatGameCompany for making me grateful for the sixaxis; ive not been able to say that prior. the design's lush, the experience is rewarding in an almost Okami-like way, and its the first experience in a while where i missed something, cussed and then realized/was reminded that wasnt what the game was about; if you miss a goal, just ride it out and try again, or something. Really serene.


Easily the best original PSN title since Everyday Shooter, for me.

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