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New style for digital comics


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Found this through a link at the PvP website, so some of you may have seen it already.




The guy makes an argument about how the medium can be used to make a uniquely digital medium by putting his argument into the form of a comic made the way he thinks it should be made.


TO tell you the truth, I don't think he has much that is different to add, but he makes one worthwhile suggestion for sure.


First the stuff that didn't impress me so much: The thing about slowing down time that he does with the hammer could be done on paper. The thing with adding panels and word balloons as you click forward seems gimmicky and when you think about it, there's no reason that he couldn't have just put all the panels and balloons up together and gotten the thing to read the same. Check it for yourself. After he's loaded up a full page re-read it and see if the effect is different.


But, he makes 2 good points in all of it.


One is that because you're not limited by paper, you could do things like the hammer slow down much more often, since you're not worried about your page count.



His best idea is the one about reframing an object so that you see it in a different context to the one you just saw it in. This works in a way that paper comics can't match. Drawing two pictures of the same object in different framing on paper means the reader had to move their eyes to get back to the same object. Using the digital reframe, the effect is more immediate because you get change without eye movement.

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it is pretty cool.


i wish i could show you Metal Gear: Digital Graphic Novel on PSP. the actual comic was done with Ashley Wood's art, which for my money isnt great. the minimal use of colors worked, since it was inspired by the character designer of Snake, but like Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night) the action panels are just messy blurs of ugly color and you dont really know what happened till people talk about which bodies dropped, etc.


but the digital version, it featured voiceovers from the game, and the action panels - a BAM BAM BAM scrolling across the art, with gunshots being made, and things like that - it really worked. my impression of the book/art did a total 180. here, found a piece of it, it picks up around 45 seconds in:


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