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Joaquin Phoenix - the downfall?


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Not sure if anyone made mention of this, but Mr. Phoenix has publically delcared that he is no longer interested in doing films. He wants to pursue a career in hip hop music. It is also known that his brother (I believe) is doing a docu on downfall or drugs or something about derailment. Now, not sure if Joaquin is doing this as part of the documentary as a joke/stint, or if this is him... being him. Here is his (or someone in his body) recent interview with Letterman.




ok, it is Case Affleck that is doing the docu on him...



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It's Casey Affleck that's filming his transition into hip-hop. Also, he says he wants to make a (Pink Floyd's) The Wall of hip-hop.


Honestly, he says he's not doing films, yet Casey Affleck is making a documentary of him. I think this is all a Borat-like comedocumentary, where Phoenix is immersing himself in this role for a hilarious movie, of which the Letterman interview and other such public appearances will be included. I think it's brilliant. I could be wrong, and he's just on more drugs than Amy Winehouse and Chris Farley put together and there is no inside joke, but I don't think so.

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