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Hanson+Smashing Pumpkins+FOW+Cheap Trick= Tinted Windows

Mr. Hakujin

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Tinted Windows is Taylor Hanson from Hanson, Bun E.Carlos from Cheap Trick, Adam Schlesinger from Fountains of Wayne and James Iha from Smashing Pumpkins. For some strange reason I really want this band to be a huge success. I'd love to see Jonas Bros. tween groupies pay to go see a 3-D movie w/ the drummer from Cheap Trick next year. Yeah, that would bring balance to the universe I think. :D


Clip of the "boys" performing their new singe:



An article featuring clips of the members in their original bands:


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The combination itself is interesting and unexpected. I love the Pumpkins, though little of that has to do with Iha. Alot of Pumpkins guitar tracks (along with bass and drums, etc) were recorded entirely by Corgan. Cheap Trick awesome, and Bunny is a goo drummer. I've only hear a few FOW songs, and have not been impressed or turned off (Stacy's Mom is a fun song). I was never a Hanson-hater, and Mmm-Bop was fucking catchy.


That said, this is not really doing much for me.

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