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A co-worker showed me some video of this game a while back. The trailer I saw had mostly FPS qualities to it making it look like System Shock that has multiple planets, but this video shows some RPG/Space Sim/Vehicle footage as well. It also seems quite ambitious and I fear that it will be a jack of all trades, master of none kinda of game. Anyone ever even heard of this?



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This trailer is much cooler than the last one I saw. I think you're right about being too ambitious, I knew about the Obvlivion-ish FPS bits and the vehicular combat bits, but now it looks like there's some sort of space combat thrown into the blender as well.


Some of the weapons look pretty interesting. I'm wondering how many of the planets are just flat barren expanses.


It has definite potential, but in the wrong hands it could easily become a mediocre mess. Any word if it's being released stateside?

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