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The Refreshments / Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers


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This is kinda a hard post to write.


These guys are my current favorite band, just got back from a concert, and am still riding the high. They are mostly unknown in these parts, though in the Southwest they are definitely more popular. I wanted to start this thread to spread the word on them, and here's hoping it works in getting some of you Hondonians to check them out. We'll soon see if I'm successful.


Before I get to the music itself brief, brief history. Basically The Refreshments came out of the same scene as the Gin Blossoms and Dead Hot Workshop. They were signed by Mercury records, and produced 2 albums, "Fizzy Fuzzy Big and Buzzy" and "The Bottle and Fresh Horses". After their second album wasn't successful, they broke from Mercury, broke up. About a year later, Roger and Drummer PJ Naffah, decided to form a band called Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. The lead guitarist and bassist have changed over the years, but Clyne and Naffah have stayed constant. The band has been up and running for a decade now, and is the only indy band to track on Billboard's top 10 internet sales charts for 6 albums straight.


Now to the music. It's very southern rock. Certain CDs focus more on the honky tonk side of it, though it doesn't really feel like country music, mainly due to the vocals, and the way it comes together. Another thing of note is their lyrics, which do an amazing job of both telling a story and painting a picture. RCPM can really make you feel like you're running through a dusty desert, relaxing at a mexican bar, or loving life.


"Fizzy Fuzzy Big and Buzzy" was the Refreshment's first studio CD, and has a permanent place in my heart. "The Bottle and Fresh Horses" was a great follow up, though it didn't have single that charted. Here are a couple of videos of some of my favorite songs from that era.





Other great tracks on the CD were:


Mexico Y Lemons Part Uno from roger clyne on Vimeo.


Mexico (RCPM)


Down Together from roger clyne on Vimeo.


Down Together RCPM



Mekong RCPM at the Circus Mexicus



Preacher's Daughter RCPM






Having some trouble uploading some stuff to Hondo's Share, but here is a great concert available at the Live Music archive. Recommended songs are: Sin Nombre, Americano, European Swallow (takes about 1:00 to get started), Jack vs Jose, and Blue Collar Suicide.


Those and a few others from above and elsewhere are in the player below. There isn't a way to showthe playlist, but here are the songs in order. The bolded ones are personal faves, though I love all the songs on the list.


1. Counterclockwise

2. ¡Americano!

3. Banditos

13. Tell Yer Momma

14. Sin Nombre

1. [drum solo]

2. Blue Collar Suicide

7. Mekong

8. I Don't Need Another Thrill

9. European Swallow


10. Green and Dumb

12. Swtichblade


You can get the whole thing at: http://www.archive.org/details/rclyne2005-08-19.flac16



Post has gotten long, so I'm gonna leave it at this for now. Next time I'll get into the later albums, from once they actually became Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers.

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ok, so i listened to everything on this thread, and by me, they're a well-kept ariznonan secret, which is funny given that they remind me a bit of their contemporaries, the Gin Blossoms, but with more southern/country elements, and even then the funner bits of the two. its interesting seeing an outright hippie pull off the cowboy thing, much less before his 8th tequilla shot.


im starting to see where bish thinks these guys really have some material in line with the feel of Hondo's; i cant imagine ASC and others not digging this shit. So yeah, at least listen to this one here, it sold me onna rest of the thread. great find, bish.

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