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While I was making the Wade thread I wonder if we know how lucky and special sports down here are. In football we have a perfect season, 2 superbowls, the winingest coach of all time, 5 college championships, most top pro players form a college in the last few decedes and possible the best player to play the game(Marino).


In baseball's sort stay we already have 2 championships and several great players that have come through here.


In basketball we have 1 championship, one of the best coaches of all time, Shaq and then we one up'd Shaq with Wade and we also have had guys like Zo.


the panther seem the odd man out but they did give us that magical 97' season(year of the rat, we cause the nhl to ban throwing things on the ice :P) and we are one of a very few cities to have 4 sports!. honestly we have a really special place down here.


hell even dolphin stadium is one of the top stadiums in the nation and we've gotten more super bowls then anywhere else and for a while they thinking of just always having a superbowl here every 3 years. food for thought.

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as I've said before, where would they go? in this economy no one is going to build them shit. the original deal was bad for the city and only good for the marlins and I still don't think it's going to do a lick for attendance. we just dont' like to go out to the ball park, but we love watching them on tv(they get great ratings)

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