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Well, baseball has an ass load of farm teams. They have A, AA, and AAA ball, with full roster and divisions in each. Basketball has very small minor circuits inside of the US, and circuits that are doing well outside of the US.


The UFL will be the home for NFL free agents and cut players, as well as 2nd chance positions for average college ball players. They most likely wont market as a minor football league, but that is what the results will end up being. In todays world though, it should work, with the amounts of college players not making the cut, and with the amount of pros getting cut or waiting too long in free agent land. THe main problem will be, Johnny QB and Frankie Wideout, who are blowing away the compeition in the UFL, would gladly sign with the NFL once a star blows a knee out or whatnot. You will likely end up with the NFL sorta stealing UFL top dog players.


Where the IFL (I think it was) faltered, is no advertisement, and they mostly got has beens, not could be's. If the UFL markets right, and makes the core recruits the college graduates, they should thrive.


I do remember going to an Orlando Thunder game a long time ago... it was cool.

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Orlando's gonna have a team in UFL.


I'm just surprised that they're doing this in today's economy. Getting folks to come out to these games is gonna be a bitch. I really hope they stick around and not go under in 2 or 3 years.


I'm kinda curious about the team names and how the uniforms are gonna look.

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I'd do a road trip fro one game.


Also there are talks they are talking to the NFL in order to set up realtions with them so you might very well end up with a true farm type system(I'd guess proabbly a couple of teams in the nfl to one ufl teams to keep costs down instead of the baseball system.) plus if you have games on off days then thats alot of football during the week. and I think they would be helped by streaming the games on the net to sorta bypass some cable companies(they might piss some off but it works well in baseball) or maybe get play on the nfl network if they get close.

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The UFL could join the NFL sure, but it will only ever be the 'minors'. It would be smart for the NFL to pick them up, to have farm team players to choose from, but the UFL may not like having someone over their smaller shoulder like that. I hope the UFL merges with the NFL personally, then you can have NFL call ups, from their counter part. The only problem is, then each UFL team will have to have to represent a NFL team.


Minor baseball is much larger than major baseball. Each bigs team has anywhere from 2 to 4 farm teams. Usually 1 in each league of A, AA, and AAA and rarely have a 2nd team in one of the classes, I think AA is the only one that allows that.


Respectively, if the UFL joins the NFL, and the baseball minors rule apply, then each team in the NFL will adopt a UFL team. If this happens, the UFL will go from 4 teams to 32. Each team has 53 players, and if the minors mirror that, 1,696 new positions... makes for a lot of college and 2nd shot players making a living again. Granted, it will be for 30 grand and not for millions.

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