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"Movie making in a recession"

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OK, I hope the embed works...


<script type="text/javascript" src="http://reason.tv/embed/video.php?id=715">


Okaaay, not getting the embed to work, so here's a direct link:





The main point of the interview (that small films will suffer during hard times) seems not only kinda pedestrian, but the guy might even be wrong. I've read statistics that show a JUMP in theatre attendance in this and other recessions.


But, the things in the video I am interested in are the rock documentary mentioned and the idea of more alternative marketing. To tell you the truth, the ida of the 'pro-active' moviegoer seems like it won't happen, because people aren't like that. The guy has a point that alternate advertising routes need to be taken, but it's up to the marketers of the film to find and use them. And it is being done. I know that movies use Myspace etc all the time nowadays and they seek out viral marketing strategies etc.

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