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Hondo's Bar

New Slogan Ideas


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Hey everyone, it's me again.


We're trying to make the transition over to Hondo's Inc as smooth as possible, and I was thinking maybe a new slogan would help. Maybe even keeping with the old "bar" theme. Sure, "Drinks and Whores" is outdated, but I've come up with a few ideas:

  • Discussion by the roaring fire over a nice white wine.
  • Martinis and fine conversation.
  • Smooth jazz and a merlot...for everyone.

Maybe something like that. Nice, calm, and most importantly...family friendly. Enjoy!


-Alan Macon

Lead Designer/Product Development

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You guys are hopeless. Do you think our target demo has the attention span to read a multi-word slogan like the one's you're suggesting? Here are some potential concise, streamlined visions for us:


Hondosinc: Wow!




Hondosinc: Post it!


Hondosinc: Zap!


I'll talk to a local middle school principle to see if I can schedule a focus group.

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