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Hondos T-Shirts: 2nd wave

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thats messed up, lulu.

i tried giving you your shirt on at least 3 separate occasions, and angel woudlnt let me. true story.


November you said right? In time for hondoscon you said right? didn't I give you the money a year ago? i"m just checking is all.

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the order was officially places this morning. I'm told to give the shirts a week and a half/2 weeks tops to arrive.


they'll be in the exact same format as the last batch - black with the original logo on the front, username/specified number on the back. the order was slightly more than we raised, and with aarty sadly unable to handle shipping for this order (she was a champ for the last one, thanks again!), we gotta work out the details.


i'm thinking: ASC can take his, DoJ & crim's back with him to ireland after his trip out here. arch takes skeet his later this year, haku can also pick his up personally, and if a meetup is planned with them, he should be left with the texans' ones as well. i believe that would cover everyone but boogie, whom i can send his off myself.


thanks again to everybody who went in on them, as well as your infinite patience here.

even gunsmith, who prodded this along whenever it fell by the wayside.


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Hahahaha I smells a new H-con injoke. pro-tip: Tell NZA & Co. that you demand to be met at the gate because you've come a long way and are a veteran member and you demand more respect

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