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The Dark Tower


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I just snagged the first hardcover of The Dark Tower. I know I'm a little late to the party on this one.

All in all I'm very happy with it, artistically it's amazing how close some of the characters come to looking exactly how I imagined them. Cort is a great example, absolutely spot on with the Cort in my head.

I dig how they're telling the story chronologically, rather than as they were originally published. It starts from the 1st book and then jumps to the 4th, but it works. Well.

I hope it keeps up. I'm gonna be grabbin' the rest of these in the very near future. Anyone else read these?

How about The Stand? I think the first TPB of that came out in March, if the quality is on par with this I'll be buying that one as well.

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First volume is Gunslinger Born right? Having not read the books*novels I have no idea WTF is going on. Some bullshit about kids being trained to use Hawks or someshit. the Origin Crew make it look beautiful, I just can't seem to be drawn into the story. Been sitting on the vol 1 HC for near on a year now.

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Yeah, Gunslinger Born is the first one.

Maybe that's the problem with doing it chronologically. When you read the novels, you're first introduced to an older, badass Roland.

By the time it delves into his past you're already interested. I guess publishing it this way requires a bit more dedication from the reader, but if it's anything like the books it'll pay off. Give it a go Skeet.

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I dunno man, they seem to be pretty faithful. Might end up redundant. Not that you shouldn't read the novels, but if you've got the 1st volume laying around it'll end up being worth your time.

It might actually end up being cooler to read them in proper chronological order, like the comics are being done.


Do as thou wilt. It's a solid little story though.

I'm still curious as hell about The Stand. Panels I've seen look badass.



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