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A bad commercial?

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So Burger King has a new commercial out, 90% Sir Mixalots "I like big butts" and 10% SpongeBob references.


A fast food joint, that raps to big butts... and the 'king' goes as far as to use measuring tape to measure the size of some girls butts. Fast food just not care anymore or what?


booty is booty foolz


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As an adult and child of the 80s/early 90s I love the commercial. OK, now this where I start to sound like the old man down the street who yells at kids to get off his damn lawn:


As a teacher and adult held responsible on a daily basis for the behavior and education of children--I think it's highly inappropriate. It's advertising a meal for children and the message is "booty" and making money. Is the slogan "booty is booty" really the slogan we want to send kids? I'm not saying this one commercial is going to cause serious harm to lil' psyches; however, the commercial is a symptom of a much larger problem with our society and its skewed priorities.

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