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Backlog: Your "Unfinished Games" list


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so yeah, this year's the one - i'm gonna finish off what's left of my remaining backlog!  2017 was awesome but brutal for new games, this year i'm looking at Yakuza 6 and not too much else yet, so now that i finally my list down to less than 10, i think i'm gonna go for it - everything's gonna get completed or at least tried enough so that i can acknowledge i just don't wanna do it.  here's what's left!


Yakuza: Ishin - this one's off the list for the time being, as a fan translation effort is ongoing 


Seiken Densetsu III - i really didn't think i'd spend too much time with it (loved Secret of Mana in the day but it's barebones on story & such), but i'm rather enjoying it so far!  doesn't hurt that as a really late SNES game, it looks & sounds amazing. 


Persona 2: Innocent Sin - this might be one of the longer JRPG's on the list, but it's always been a cool one for me, and i don't even know why i put it down a few years ago on my vita.  i'm caught back up to speed now & going for it!  really didn't think i was in the mood for 1 JRPG, nevermind 2, but here we are 


System Shock 2 - for years, i called this a halloween game but never got around to it - i know ill have a guide about, as i read it can be rough if you stat your character wrong.  really think i'll try this in the dark with headphones & see how far i wanna go with it!  god knows there's many horror games ive loved but not finished. 


Clock Tower (SNES) - ditto for this one, was gonna play it with a friend for years now but i may just save it for october or knock it out when i'm in a spooky mood one weekend. 


Shin Megami Tensei: Soul Hackers - yeah, another JRPG, but it's supposed to be on the shorter end (and less harsh than most SMT games), plus i'm a sucker for good cyberpunk aesthetic 


Dragon Force - the last of my big Saturn games!  i really just need to brush up on the mechanics of this one before diving in, ive heard about its greatness for decades now. 


Akumajo Dracula X/Castlevania: Rondo of Blood - i love the crap out of CV but rarely finish them, thought i'd give this one a go since it's clearly the best of the classic series by a wide margin. 


Metroid Prime 3 - i barreled through 1 & 2 years ago and lost steam early on in this one...i think i may be in a particularly boring area, but i gotta admit, i don't like first person platforming & if this wasn't called Metroid i'd not think twice about quitting.  might return just to see it through before 4 shows up one day or just YT the ending, not sure yet. 


and that's it!  took off stuff like Xenoblade Chronicles cause fuck putting 100 hours into any single game for me these days; yakuza and persona both did that last year!  anyway, wish me luck. 

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I so got to go over my Steam Library, shit there I've never downloaded to look at... though I've promised myself that I will eventually get back to Fallout: New Vegas some day... not sure if I'll start over or if I'll just edit my saves to fix the glitch that stopped me dead in my tracks all those years ago. Fucking Khans, they'd better be worth it.


PS- Nick, check your steam. I still haven't gotten a confirmation e-mail for what I sent you for Christmas; tell Angel too if you can. I did see George accepted his. Thanks.

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so it'd occurred to me & i'd seen talk online about how the pandemic changed some folks' gaming habits - for my part, the early sray-at-home parts were perfect for animal crossing at the time, but beyond big stuff like FFVIIR, i largely stopped finishing games -mind you, its fine to play things casually, but i'd been buying too many games (especially with all the niche release in series i adore last year) and not committing to seeing any of them through


so i spent this last month or two working on that, and knocked out 5 games in the last week off alone! here goes


shenmue 3 - wrote about it in the thread


lost judgement - RGG studios only getting better as they go. sitting on the kaito DLC for a bit, looking forward to it!


no more heroes 3 - fun as usual, though not the series' best. i still love the random genre switchups


stranger things 3 - this was a fun isomeric throwback, perfect timing with the new season too


the great ace attorney chronicles - part 1: this picked up steam at case 3 and i'm glad i stayed around. working on part 2 at work where i can!


turnip boy commits tax evasion - went in blind on gamepass title for the name alone, got a fun zelda clone


paprium - really impressive genesis beat-em-up i'd been sitting on, got me back in the mood for the genre


TMNT shredders revenge - beat it on opening night (thanks gamepass) then again co-op with @spiffytee


firewatch - this was a neat suspense game, had a good time with @tewibewi


metroid dread - dread is right, i dropped this last year after too many emmis.  so glad i came back, really satisfying endgame


guardians of the galaxy - damn, avengers bombing really kept a lotta folks from playing the best single player comic book game in ages - thanks again for pushing this one @Newtype


eiyuden chronicles rising - the not-suikoden team put this out as the kickstarter holdover game, and it's honestly a lotta fun just doing dungeon dives & sidequests to build up a village. can't wait for the full game whenever it shows


max payne 3 - so after all that, i finally played through this shooter and yeah, i love this noir shit. story & settings were excellent, looking forward to 1&2 remakes later



phew! i have a full plate for spooky season in august or so, debating a few small indie ones on gamepass till then or maybe starting my plan of finishing more 3d sonic (adventure etc) to hype up for frontiers later this year, tried disco elysium but just not in the mood for a crpg at the moment

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I'm currently working through Control on my PS5 and Disco Elysium on my switch. What compelled me to play two long games at the same time? I don't even know. It's taking a while to get through. 


I picked up Persona 4 ultimax but haven't dropped too much time into it. 



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that's the spirit man!


i gotta give control another go sometime, the physics seemed cool

also post your thoughts in a disco elysium thread when you can, i know i'm gonna wanna get back to that one at some point...need more planescape level writing in my life

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8 hours ago, The NZA said:

guardians of the galaxy - damn, avengers bombing really kept a lotta folks from playing the best single player comic book game in ages - thanks again for pushing this one @Newtype



Guardians had solid story and was so fun to watch as well :D

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