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Ever taken a look at someone and thought to yourself "You know, that person look like they could be Person A and Person B's child if they mated"? Anyone remember that funny Conan O'Brien "If They Mated" skit, where they take 2 celebrities, and make up a pic of a person that was a hilarious mesh of the two? I decided to start out a thread just for that. Here's how it will work. Find a pic of someone anyone (real, celebrity, fictional character, etc) and then tell us who you think this person could be the "love child" of. It could be a Man/Woman, or 2 Women, or 2 Men.


Here's a great example in my opinion:



Comedian Vic Henley




I think he could easily be the love child of Steve Martin and Ellen DeGeneres




Any others?

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I think he could be the love child of Ellen Degeneres and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Perfect! If you have even better opinions, feel free to share! That's the idea, but also try to get pics if possible, especially if the person isn't as well-known to most people.

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