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Now and Again is one of those shows I grew to adore until it was canceled, after which I began to miss it. It's the story of a man named Michael Wiseman ((Eric Close)) who is hit by a subway train car, only to have a secret government program harvest his brain and implant it in a grown from the ground-up "perfect man" designed to have superhuman abilities. The catch is, he wants so desperately to return to his wife and daughter, but a tracking chip and the babysitting of the body's creator constantly keep him from ever reconnecting with his family.


The show alternates between a couple main themes: The main character's desire to return home and the government's desire to use him to solve various problems. Extra comedy is thrown in in the fact that Michael ((Whose original body was played by John Goodman)) wants very little to do with the harsh diet and exercise regimen his babysitter has designed to keep his creation in shape. The show only lasted twenty-two episodes, and ended on one of those cliffhangers that absolutely kill a fan of the series.


Does anybody else remember this show? I'm finally downloading it, after realizing DVDs will probably never come.

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God yes, fans of this show got boned when it was cancelled. It was a great show and really bridged the gap between Pedro Cerano and the Allstate guy in Haysbert's career. They still show it on Sci-Fi every now and then, it was actually kind of similar to their series The Invisible Man (which also kicked ass).


Supposedly the next season was supposed to be Michael, his wife, and his hideous squinty creature of a daughter on the run from the government. (Though given how Prison Break went, maybe it's best we never saw the rest.)

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Heh. Prison Break. I marvelled at how well he planned and fretted over every additional hurdle all through season one. Then when they broke out of prison and shit still went on, I just stopped caring.


We at least got two full seasons out of The Invisible Man ((Another fucking awesome dead show)), and the first actually managed to get a DVD release. The entire series, in fact, is up on Hulu.com. Now and Again is on youtube, but the quality there is just... just horrible.


I would've loved to see more of this show. The characters were all well-written and interacted together beautifully, and there was the elements of action and conspiracy and family... it was a well-done season. CBS apparently canceled it because of an unjustifiable budget, but they could've tried to take it elsewhere.

Apparently there's no topic for Early Edition either. Maybe this thread should just be about brilliant but canceled shit, didn't see a topic for that yet.

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