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Favorite 30Rock character

Favorite 30Rock character  

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I would be shocked to see anyone vote for Jenna. Want me to add a minor character, let me know.


I thought of doing this poll when I saw the last episode where Dennis Duffy came back, my favorite line emboldened:


:Liz answers knock at the door:


Dennis: Hello, dummy!


Liz: No! Nope! Not interested! Have a good life!


Dennis: This is important. It's about my mom.


Liz: Ugh... :let's him in:


Dennis: That was a lie. Listen Elizabeth, I recently discovered that I'm a sex addict.


Liz: No you're not.


Dennis: Yeah, I am. I'd be an even worse sex addict if I wasn't so consumed with my latest business venture.


Liz: I don't want to hear about your job, Dennis.


Dennis: One word - 'Coffee'. One problem - 'Where do you get it?'


Liz: Anywhere! You get it...Anywhere!


Dennis: Wrong! You get it at my coffee vending machine! 38th and 6th in the basement of K-Mart. You just go downstairs, get the key from David, and boom! You plug in the machine and....


Liz: You're done!


Dennis: The point is I'm Dennis, and I'm a sex addict, and one of the steps in my recovery is atonement.


Liz: Please, stop talking!


Dennis: Former sex partner, I'm sorry that my disease has made you a victim of my sexual charisma, I'm sorry that I've ruined you for other men...


Liz: Apology accepted, now get out of my apartment!


Dennis: You know, my sponser told me you were going to try to pick a fight to lure me into hate sex, but it's not gonna work Elizabeth. My support group, it's lousy with nymphos!

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Only one other person voted for Tracey? You people are heathens!


On another note, Tracey Morgan is supposed to be in an upcoming movie where someone gets drunk and replies to one of those Nigerian scam emails and Tracey shows up as an actual Nigerian prince, it sounds like it could either suck or be awesome, I'm hoping for the latter.

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