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That one took a lot longer to turn up than I thought it would.

Posted Images

Crazy comics of the past!


I think Warren Ellis said something about comics being a medium where the artist could do anything they wanted because the mainstream aren't watching it.


Well back in the day, nobody was watching, and they did pretty much what they wanted too.




It goes on forever, and you probably won't read the whole thing, but I can't let you miss these absolute fucking gems.







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2 vicodin: too much=badness

1 vicodin: too little=badness


1 1/2=sleepy goodness :D


let's hope i'm up in time to get leahdoll's call! us grrls gotta hang out... seeing as how she didn't know about the demise of my 'lationship or my... sorta demise... read the boards indianoid! your east-coast irishman knows more than you.

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Hokay, so here’s the earth. It’s chillin’. Damn that is a sweet earth, you might say; its round.


Alright, ruling out the icecaps melting, meteors becoming crashed into us, the o-zone layer leaving and the sun exploding, we’re definitely gonna blow ourselves up.


Hokay. So basically, we got China, France, India, Israel, Pakistan, Russia, the UK, and us with nukes. We’ve got about 26 hundred more than anybody else. Whatever, anyway...


One day we decide that those Chinese sons of bitches are going down, so we launch and we get China.


While it’s on its way, China’s like “Shit, shit! Who the fuck is shooting us” “Oh well, fires missiles”


And then France is like, “Shit guys, we got the missiles, they are coming! Fire our shit!” “But I am Le tired.” “Well have a nap, then fire the missiles!”


Meanwhile, Australia is down there like “WTF, mate?”


India, Israel, and Pakistan launch their shit. So, now we got missiles flying everywhere passing each other.


Russia’s like “Ahhhh, Motherland!”


Then England’s like “Bout that time, a champ?” “Righto”


Now the US is like “Fuck we’re dumb asses”


And Canada’s like “What’s going on, eh?”


Australia’s still like “WTF?”


Mars is laughing at us.


Some huge meteor is like “Well, fuck that.”


So now we have nuclear winter. Everyone is dead except Australia and they’re still like “WTF”. But they’ll be dead soon; Fuckin’ kangaroos.


But assuming we don’t blow ourselves up, us Californians just have to worry about California breaking off of the US…. to go hang with Hawaii… Alaska can come, too.


Ze End!

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Everyone else has had more sex than me.

Everyone else has had more sex than me.


Everyone else has had more sex than me.

Does anyone else get that feeling?

Teenagers naked,

Couple and threes

Grandparents swing from the ceiling.


Everyone else has had more sex than me.

Everyone else has had more sex than me.


Corporate chambers and office amore.

Shenanigans outdoor and in.

Resist and then later your find out there's more

Regret in not doing the sin.


Our lives have to die

Of that there's no help

My favourite way to end them

Is the orb-weaver spider's whose pedipalp

Enters the female pudendum.


Then dies on the spot

His corpse there still stuck,

Left for his rivals to curse at.


He would rather die than not get to fuck

Personally I reckon it's worth it.


Everyone else has had more sex than me.

Does anyone else get that feeling?


Everyone else has had more sex than me.

Does everybody else get that feeling?




Does everyone think...

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