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That one took a lot longer to turn up than I thought it would.

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this is a reply on an "arrested development" forum on imdb.com about the show being cancelled. nick, you'll enjoy this...particularly the part i bolded:


Just watched this show over in the UK, its on late at night, so i dont normally get a chance to see it. i was just wondering what people thought of it in america and around the world. its pretty good, but i don't believe its as good as many other great american sitcoms. great sitcoms like, friends, joey. but, what i do hate is the way people can't move on, if the show is good, people will watch it, if its bad, people won't. people are not idiots, i don't like the way people bash others cause they don't like certain things or don't agree with their point of view. please stop saying that the show is the best show ever, cause cleary it isn't. everything moves on and gets better, thats the way of life. the next show which replaces this will probably be better, so please grow up a little people. i hope there won't be any petitions starting to keep it on the air, because like we saw with futurama they don't work. if its not good enough its not good enough.


SO, its a good show. will be replaced by another good show. move on.


to which she got bashed the fuck out about her poor taste in television (and the american public at that). if you're going to talk about "great american sitcoms," for fuck's sake, leave "joey" out of it. jesus christ!!



another response from someone else on the forum:


this show CLEARLY deserves to be on the air, unlike say...Joey.


...ahhh, a woman after my own heart. :???:

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Best breakup line I've ever read: "That cunnilingus was so amazing, it has inspired me to go on a spiritual quest. I must go contemplate the tongue at a monastery. I will miss you." Ah Something Positive, honestly it could possibly be the greatest webcomic in existence.

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X-Rated Fortune Cookies Top Off Kids Fundraiser




I like fortune cookies :blink: That is all.


*... I just saw the latest addtion to my member title. "I refuse to change my member title (now that I have the option) because I love it when Irish Cowboy teabags me; truly, I do" I would just like to say that is taking a great deal of willpower to refrain from revealing to the world of IC's status as a cum-guzzling gutter slut. Oops. :P

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jay-z's got an album coming out in the summer with dre producing it, which he hasnt in years, and theyre both side-stepping their head positions at their own lables to do it, all while jigga does interviwes with Nas about what projects theyre working on.

Lauryn Hill's doing stuff with the fugees again, and all this stuff is gong on, but every time i read a headline about Kanye, he's just whining about not getting 'best album" at the grammy's, how U2 won it on a technicality, etc. motherfucker, you put out a good album, but jesus christ man, youre the whineist momma's boy the genre's seen since...fuck, i dont know, i think kool moe dee cried a bit after Ll fucked him up, but even he wasnt a prima donna.


and on the subject of hip-hop, Spike Lee's a trip:


"I love hip-hop," Lee told the magazine. "But there are certain elements that are just [problematic]. You name your company Murder Incorporated, your logo's got bullet holes in it, you changed your name to Gotti, and you wonder why your ass is in court? I mean, come on. You want to be a gangster? Alright, well gangsters go to jail; gangsters get shot. I mean, look, 50 Cent has made a lot of money, but whatever you are doing that makes you have to put a bulletproof vest on your 5-year-old son, that's time for some deep introspective shit."
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