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That one took a lot longer to turn up than I thought it would.

Posted Images


Born of Rob Zombie and Britney Spears


The grace of Fred Astare, the funk of Edwin Star, the love makin skills of Chef, and the smell of a Taco Bell dumpster.






:2T: Where the bitches at?




:ohface: Red's a pussy, Lime is a fag. I'm outt hya! Zombie out!


and he was never heard from again.

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Dunkin Donuts, you and I are finished.


I know it's always been a tenuous relationship. I've long known that the delicious smell wafting out of the building will never be matched by the taste of any of the baked goods within. I know that, at this point, donuts are a sideline item for you, and that Fred the Baker is gone, his duties long since shifted to some assembly line.


I know I'll always be in line behind a construction worker buying 11 coffees for his coworkers. I know if I buy my special (Mt. Dew and a donut) and hand you exact change ($2.30), you'll count it, then ask me if I want anything else. I know the mathematical formula by which the hurry I'm in is directly proportional to the number of people in front of me buying egg-and-cheese sandwiches.


And I've long known that I hate your coffee. Seriously hate it. Honestly, I wouldn't drink it if I were having a coughing fit in the desert.


But this was the last straw. My soda was flat and my Boston Creme donut was 90% cake and 10% cream. It takes a special kind of determination to eff up a donut and a soda.


So thanks for everything. It's not you; it's me. Actually, that's a lie. It's you.

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I put up a new comic on the Knoll... it's not new, I drew it a year ago but Sonny talked me into posting it. The ink is smeared, it was colored with a magic marker, my pendmanship leaves much to be desired, and I'm sure everyone's gonna say, "OMG! YOU RIPPED OFF BATMAN AND SIN CITY!" And I thought to myself, why should the Knollians/Knizzles be the only ones that get to punch me in the kidneys and call me a little girl, why not give the Hondonians a chance too, because I'm a glutton for punishment.


Rather than posting all nine pages, I decided to just post the page where they're located rather than all 9 pages. So have fun calling me a loser and throwing rocks and shit at me. But just be sure to PM me the insults, or Jax will be screaming unintelligebly about the "spirit of blargh" or some shit like that.



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i used to think it was lame, then i got into a long distance relationship. Now, im all for sex of any kind. im considering sex via smoke signals, or morse sex.



And yet the Nick finds another way to inspire useless photoshopping mayhem...






Saw this on the tube tonight, haven't seen it in years...




Albert Finney is a Bad MoFo.

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I dunno but i'm hella feelin LL cool J's "Control Myself"..they've been blowing up that track up a the clubs like it's the thing to do.


I adore Mary J Blige :2T:


"And I know ya'll heard before

These same old metaphors

My love is so much more

I don't wanna change it

I don't wanna do without ya baby

Cause he's just above the rest

I must confess the best

Love that I've ever had

And I just gotta let you know this

Don't let 'em tell you nothing different

You're the only one I'm needing

I don't want no one but you

Baby no one will do

And what they say don't even matter

They don't know what I know about ya

I don't want no one but you

Baby no one will do"

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