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That one took a lot longer to turn up than I thought it would.

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i see that, and its a good mood to be in. its not often ive had smileys requested, but both jumbie and jax have requested a C&H themed one, so i got this from the Gnoll: :2T:


as for the contra thing: :2T:

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Buckwheat: Boy, id bin a nong time since dem days. Hi, I'm Buh-weet, amembuh me? And I have compiled for you and your nistening pleasure, dum ub my mavorite tongs. Id's all ite here in dis uhn pectacular opper: "Buh-weet Sings". Take a wisten:


[ SUPER: "Fee Tines A Mady" ]


[ singing ]


"Munce. Tice. Fee Tines A Mady."

Announcer: Yes, they're all here..


[ SUPER: "Wookin' Pa Nub" ]


Buckwheat: [ singing ]


"Wookin' Pa Nub in all da wong paces. Wookin ' Pa Nub."


Announcer: Once Buh-weet sings a song, it's eternally his.


[ SUPER: "?????" ]


Buckwheat: [ singing unintelligably ]


"..Menny Dabid Ibe.."


Yes.. Buh-weet. The man who sold more records that Elvis or the Beatles - in Kenya.


[ SUPER: "Una Panoonah Banka" ]


Buckwheat: [ singing ]


"Una Panoonah Banka-a-a-a-a!!"


And if you order now, you'll get Buh-weet's tribute to Alfalfa.


[ SUPER: "Barbah Ob Dabil" ]


Buckwheat: [ singing ]


"I'm da Barbah ob Dabil. Bigaro! Bigaro!" [ smiles ]


Order today. Send $49.95 for the full volume to:


Bah Firty Fee

New Nork, New Nork




Buckwheat: Take it fum "Ow Gang": yo gang will nub it. Buy my wecord! O-tay!

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Any time someone asks you a lead-in question, it's best to outdo them with your answer.


"Guess what I got"

"A pet chupacabra?"

"No…a puppy."

"Not as cool as a chupacabra."


And another-


"Hey, know what I did last night?"

"Killed a transsexual with your bare hands just so you could see it naked without feeling gay? 'Cause that's what I did."

"…no…I went to the fair and got my picture taken with a smurf."

"Oh. Well…that's cool, but you're only six years old. Now go mix Uncle Cranky a G&T before I destroy your faith in humanity."






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There was a time all my pornography fit into say, a doube-decker pizza box. I'm now proud (???) to say my gear takes up a large carton, and no I will not be stashing it with my longboxes again since they have a tendency to bust open in transit with my girlfriend's father watching. The horrible dilemna of which to scurry to pick up: the incriminating stacks of 'Girls over 40', Shemale Suckfest, wives & girlfriends, or the stacks of invaluable comics I stoicly neglect to bag & board. The joys of moving 101 kids.

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