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That one took a lot longer to turn up than I thought it would.

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Civil War's gonna leave Captain America in an awkward place, but fortunately, scribe extraordinaire brubaker's got a few ways to make him more approachable in the meantime.


taking down a cop, to appease the left:




taking down a flag-burner, to appease the right:




and finally, just shining on somebody, for the kids:



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Six inch heels are not sexy, they are painful. But..so were the tattoos. :???: That shot my logic out of the water. And you're being awful nice to say so. :2T:


And what is your opinion on corsets?


Tattoos are indeed sexy, by the way.

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Corsets are hot. Definitely. I'd have a couple if I could find one in my size. But as it is, I'm content to look at women who can fit in them. I also have a penchant for leather and whips. No surprise there though.


You know, I've noticed that the tattoo/sexiness thing is about fifty-fifty. Maybe I should make a poll... I know there's a thread about tattoos floating around somewhere but I don't recall if it dealt with sexiness and such. I should do a little digging.


See? Us 'Hong Kong' imports have our uses. We should start our own support group for cheap knock-off members(me, FDB, Baytor, Donnie, Arch, etc).



Cheap? Actually, I'm quite expensive. In rubles and yen at least... But I'm no knock-off. 100% original. Well, 80% at least.

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It's easy mate. You= Cougar

Me= 2Track(according to Jax)

Arch = Jax

Don= Baytor

FDB= Metalheart


There's prolly others I can't recall, but feel free to join in.

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Metal Heart?


Well, I guess I should take that as a compliment, but she's much much nicer than I am.


Yeah, I would have pegged you as the Hong Kong Christy, you may take that however you like.




But I like the way you think, we could start a member group called the Hong Kong Hondonians. And speaking of Hong Kong knockoffs, who wants to buy a copy of Spider-Man 6 on DVD?

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