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That one took a lot longer to turn up than I thought it would.

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I'm not posting anywhere at all really. I'm slacking. Gotsta catch up on alot of stuff.


As for that con, I actually completely forgot about it (even after bragging to Nicholas Kuzturd about it) until today when I got an e-mail about it. Oh well, next time I guess.


Or you could go to Megacon. Megacon's where it's at. It has two turn-tables and a microphone.

megacon, would be the shit. it's conceivable, now that i'm workin'. i'll see how things go

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Taiwan's Brilliant "Recycle" Icon


The negative space from the four inward black arrows creates four outward white arrows.


i stumbled upon this image, a minute ago.

at first glance at the page, i assumed the point of it was laughing at the fact that this was actually taiwan's "brillaint" recycle icon, but was surprised that the person did not see a certain other famous image standing out.



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