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That was cool and all, but i don't go nuts for those, its mostly the fact i don't have anywhere for them doesn't help, my beer bottle and (soon to be growing) sword collection's enough for me...


Who knows, maybe when i get my own place i'll see the joy in them, but as of now, they'd just be packed away in my attic (gathering dust, 360 style)

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you always felt like suede

there are days i feel your twin


hiding underneath your skin


are revving yes revving

from a central source and this

has power over me

not because you feel something

or don't feel something for me

but because

mass. is so big

it can swallow swallow her whole star intact

call me 'evil' call me 'tide is on your side'

anything that you want


anybody knows you can conjure

anything by the dark of the moon

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Okay so with Anne Hathaway playing agent 99 in the new Get Smart movie



All's I need to see is Nautica playing Betty Rubble and my childhood crushes and current perversions will be completely reconciled.

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