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Nick got me a MATTRESS (by questionable means, but I'm not going to judge)!!! NO more MATT!!! this is proof that the man is taking me seriously.


It is rather comfortable, can't wait to sleep on it tonight. :???:


When I was leaving I saw a mattress at the end of the hallway. You sure he didn't grabbed that one?

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That one took a lot longer to turn up than I thought it would.

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*sigh* i dont want to be too nice to kertins in one day and really spoil her, but here's her potential avatar/sig combo one day:






while were giving and all, here's a topical secret invasion/house combo for stillB, arch etc:




oh, and pedro/SM, you too:








and finally, the lovely LL:



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I picked up the first issue of Secret Invasion tonight in Borders and thumbed through it. 15 pages of narration boxes later I went "Fuggit" and put it down. Our Worlds at War tricked me this way once, and Secret Invasion won't trick me again.

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