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That one took a lot longer to turn up than I thought it would.

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The Sun: Sheep addicted to cigarettes steals them off others




The desperate animal who lives in Mandya, India, became obsessed with tobacco as farmers in the local area use the substance to get rid of parasites and worms. The sheep's love for nicotine has become so strong it even shuns its usual diet of green vegetables.
Yahwant, the sheep's owner said: "It could be seen licking discarded sachets of chewing tobacco. "The addiction grew and now it prefers cigarette to its regular fodder." If the sheep can't get hold of a cigarette, it has been known to snack on beedies, which are hand-rolled and made from unprocessed tobacco wrapped in leaves.



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1 hour ago, The NZA said:

Foo Fighters banning some pretty specific stuff from their shows




I wish I loved their music as much as I love them as people.



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