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The Hunt for Gollum

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The Hunt for Gollum


I found this today. It's a 35 minute low-budget non-profit fan film that presents a sort of lost chapter from the Lord of the Rings films. The production quality is fantastic, and aside from the occasional spotty (but forgivable considering the budget) cgi, it avoids all of the usual cheese that crops up in even the best fan films. The actors all give good performances and really look the part (unlike all those Star Wars fan films that feature overweight Jedi) - particularly the actor starring as Aragorn. He looks more like Rufus Sewell than Viggo Mortensen, but he nails the quiet dignity that Mortensen brought to the role. It's well directed and aside from the budget restrictions and different faces, it really looks like it could have come from the Peter Jackson camp. I hope these guys do another film soon.







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