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Coulda sworn we had a topic on this, likely was purged in the Great Fire of Admin Incompetence of '04.


talk about smileys we have (or need) here. to start things off right, a Jaxian production long overdue:


:hotcostner: that's right, our first custom smiley, conveying the Hot Costner, which....well, we've a wiki if you're tragically in the dark. anyway, much love & :FHD: to the guy.

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:hotcostner: It never gets old! By the way, is the timing good? I played around with different speeds for the pounding from behind (0.2 sec/frame), the gasping for air (0.08 sec/frame) and the waiting after the whack before starting to pound again (1.5 sec/frame) and the number of poundings between gasps (6 back and forths per gasp). Does it seem right to everyone else? Edited by Reverend Jax
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I can't believe I'm only seeing this now. Eduardo, you are my hero. When we meet again; and we WILL meet again, you're getting the handjob* of a lifetime you beautiful bastard you.



*with my mouth, then my anus, then back again


That is quite a hefty promise to make and keep...makeithappen! :LOL:

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Seriously. That's the greatest thing I've ever seen.



and I've seen inside a butthole.


Which is a terrible example as it was fucking rank.


See, the hookers I cut my teeth with were the ones in Holland. They're nice, classy, clean girls, y'know. You can even have a little shower before the action, maybe get to know each other over a glass of wine. They can almost be like a GFE if you will. You can cuddle afterwards and talk and rapid images of how you could possibly get her out of this place run through your mind. How you take her away from all the misery. How you two could perhaps one day be together.


This butthole ya see, this butthole was a hooker in Bayonne, New Jersey. So I get into the back of her van and man is this broad wild but there's something not right. I think what I really needed was some romance first and then. . . EUREKA! I thought of a fabulous idea and unsheathed my length her the leathery lady part.


Bayonne is located on a peninsula.


We went to the water and make the dirtiest dirt ever durt out dirty sex. She's screaming in ecstasy, flailing her arms and dunking her head in the water. Still, there's something missing.


It is then like by magic it floats by. The most beautifully crafted baseball bat ever seen. Glistening in the moonlight. This was my moment.


As I took the bat in my hand I felt like Shoeless Joe.


And she looked like James Earl Jones.


I raised it in my hand and with one fell swoop




Hot Costner.

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