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  1. I'm kinda with ya here. Have I had unmet expectations this season? Definitely. But this is a show which became famous for subverting expectations. So, I can't hate on the creators for being true to their show's style since that final scene of S1E1. And S8E5 not only stayed true to the series tradition of offering a giant twist for major characters in the penultimate episode, but it offered perhaps one of the greatest twists in TV history. (Well, maybe more of a turn than a twist. But it was still spectacular af.) I do feel like there is a lot--A LOT--to wrap up in the 80 minutes th
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  2. I do tons of Star Wars edits - I end up watching the Prequel Trilogy like, twice a year...just 'cuz I'm sick like that. The hurt never really does go away...
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