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  1. Yeah, as soon as I hear about this kind of reaction, the same as Nolan and others, I'm like, will ye cop the fuck on. When I think of how grateful I would be to have my short film on even the smallest streaming service, and these guys are crying because their movies are on HBO Max or Disney+, my heart fucking bleeds. It's just egotistical bullshit, this, "The cinema experience is so different to watching at home". Yeah, it is. At home I'm not sitting in chewing gum, with a 6' 9 man sitting in front me (literally happened at Shang Chi) and some teenagers talking (or worse) in the corner. There'
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  2. The second and third episodes were really good. I'm into the show now.
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  3. i hear hulu dropped the first 3 eps or so? haven't had a chance to watch yet but wanna hear if anyone here did!
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  4. glad i didn't watch the trailer now
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