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    through Jumbie (before he got eaten by a tiger in the wild jungles of Guyana)
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    Francesca Lia Block "Weetzie Bat", Led Zeppelin (numerous songs make me think and i can recall good parts of my life by it,) and Vacaville, California the most incospicuous bit of inspiration that was ever handed to me and i never knew it up until now that i am about to leave, i've been inspired not only by the people i've met and gotten to know and am proud to call my friends, but by the community, it's not as lame as i thought it was and a great enviroment to grow up in
  1. "if it's worth your while..say something say something" mariah is fabulous!
  2. Did any of you catch him on Bravo's Inside the Actors Studio? or have any of you seen Spike Lee's Bamboozled? The impression I got from Dave Chapelle was that he was tired of doing th Bo Jangles routine "lemme dance for you missuah" I think one of his breaking points happened was when they asked him to wear a dress and be funny (something that wasn't in any of his sketches) I think it's not about him "giving up" it's about him maintaining a cultural identity and not feeling like he's selling his soul to do this show. Like anyone, I'm gonna miss the show but I think it's much more impo
  3. "every color of yours is complementary"
  4. very hot pics lobo, I love black and white style!
  5. nah, it's good that you're healthy, I work for the American Cancer Society so believe me I know about the importance of early detection just don't put all your business on front street
  6. lol, that brokeback pic is hella funny.. anyways I would participate but my boyfriend ain't feeling me putting out my goodies all like that
  7. remember when we all had the password to the death profile? crazy times.
  8. I dunno but i'm hella feelin LL cool J's "Control Myself"..they've been blowing up that track up a the clubs like it's the thing to do. I adore Mary J Blige "And I know ya'll heard before These same old metaphors My love is so much more I don't wanna change it I don't wanna do without ya baby Cause he's just above the rest I must confess the best Love that I've ever had And I just gotta let you know this Don't let 'em tell you nothing different You're the only one I'm needing I don't want no one but you Baby no one will do And what they say don't even matter They don't
  9. i voted for tulip because she's a down ass chick who's sexiness lies in her being subtle...plus she has a goregous smile! the tough intelligent/pretiness dichotimy is sexy.
  10. "Some people say sex is overrated but they just ain't doin it right"
  11. "we've been too strong for too long, and I can't be without you baby"
  12. actual internship question: "So ms. edwin, can you please tell us about your personal style in as few words as possible" *I don't even bother to correct the pronounciation of my last name* thinking.. damn... and this comes out: "Audrey Hepburn meets Bollywood meets the East Bay" they say: "that's the best answer we've heard all day" me: superficial.. yet satisfying, I love fashion.
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