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  1. my kiddo is playing it right now. I refuse to talk to him. he only got it because tomorrow is his birthday. well, I've been a parent for a decade now...wtf do i get??? ;p
  2. A quick question for those of you who read the book. Do you think they are taking the evilness of the governor far enough?
  3. the only thing my kiddo wants for his birthday is the new DLC. this is going to be the cheapest birthday ever.
  4. DOJ- Rick sold this episode for me. i didn't feel any emotion until i saw his reaction to Carl. I just about lost it and started bawling with him. That guy deserves an Emmy. Fo' reals.
  5. and he knows... i love how the show is growing.
  6. and this is why i don't exercise. or bullfight.
  7. yeah...i have to agree with this. Where the fuck were her parents while all this shit was going around the internet in the first place? Seriously- i hear so many parents complaining about what their kids see, read, and hear on the internet and i'm wondering WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU ALLOWING YOUR KIDS TO PARTICIPATE IN IT IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE? Why the fuck does a 14 year old girl (or boy but this is a girl we are talking about) need a webcam in her room by herself? why is she in chat rooms??? with anonymous people she doesn't even know? i totally 100% blame the parents on this one. Where
  8. After Mankind 'retired' i stopped watching. Mick was the shit. http://youtu.be/VXvLzhSz8_w i hated all the drama-rama with the whole 'family business' and blah blah blah. and the big show. so. fucking. dumb. So I haven't watched it since.
  9. FUUUUCKKKK YEEEEEEEEEEEES. i just peed. a little.
  10. great. now i really gotta stay outta shoutbox when i'm drunk. :(
  11. Vintage! i lurve it. Also totally jelly of her collection. totally fucking jelly. http://theprincessbee.deviantart.com/
  12. this shit is better than Vin himself.
  13. arg not sure wtf happened but it was supposed to be a different pic.
  14. I played it for...about 10 minutes, didn't give it a chance, realistically; but after getting the beat down from 'bandit' types the third time I was...meh. I lost interest in the first one after getting ambushed by mongrel rat looking things every five fucking seconds. so yeah...I'm going to have to bring in the big guns on this one. By that i mean my nine year old haha.
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