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  1. I didn't know you had xbl. since when do you have xbl??? I need to adds you.

    1. the division of joy

      the division of joy

      I don't have it anymore. It was a short lived thing.

    2. HypnotizinChikns


      well that's dumb. that's all i have to say about that.

  2. ahhh there you are (again)!

  3. boo. feel like crapola, catch ya next time.

  4. oh look! you have 5 stars! guess it's official, your a hondonian. <3

  5. what's on my mind? do you REALLY want to know?

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    2. HypnotizinChikns
    3. the division of joy

      the division of joy

      Clearly. How about a rousing rendition of "Relax" by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

    4. HypnotizinChikns


      Only if I can line them up against the wall afterwords.

  6. no U WISH! sorry about ignoring you earlier...i was kinda busy :(

  7. i heart you! you crimminal you!

  8. loved it! got everything i could Sqaures is still my favorite though.

  9. rookie of the year...haha.

  10. on new years eve? what a pity.

  11. no i do not use chat clients. i posted in the 'what are you reading now' thread.i just saw you online (which you aren't often on) so i thought i'd drop by and say hello :)

  12. merry xmas (yeah i see you!) read anything good these days?

  13. nuffin, whut wif u muffin?

  14. here's your love lovey <3 see now you got chicks postin' stuff on your comment page ON COMMAND!

    damn, i need that kinda power. <3

  15. check out mah myspace oct.09 album for the logibears costume :)

  16. you're kinda hott. whatcha doin' l8ter?

  17. lucky shit! you're going to hondos con and I'm not. I am jealous and now we are arch enemies!!!!

  18. i too am curious as to what movie qoute could have brought you here.

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