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  1. OY VEY THIS IS DEJA VU! also do not agree with skyrim...
  2. i still haven't played it yet. It's just sitting there...waiting for me to play it...
  3. IN MERICA! FUCK YEAH! that kid is going to pwn ur asses on COD one day. MMHMMMHHMMM just you wait n see.
  4. ...must...not....watch.... THAT. THAT RIGHT THERE. THAT. OMFG. IS WHY I DO NOT AND WILL NOT EVER EVER FUCKING EVER GO TO A WATERPARK. because people...like that...holy mother of fucking fuck.
  5. yeah...but we have video games. also- HOW THE HELL IS THIS ON THE FOURTH PAGE? i agree. we deserve to be hated.
  6. it's...different, i don't think it's horrible. not sure if i like the vocal style- i like the voice, it just seems more dramatic than it needs to be- the lyrics are already dramatic, so it's a little over the top- especially with the background vocals, noises and whatnot. I'll never listen to it again- i never do with radiohead covers.
  7. bought it today for the 360, won't get to play until saturday night. anyone up for some co-op? I'm itching to try it.
  8. I'm down with open mic night- but shouldn't it go in the entertainment forums? comedy...is entertainment...isn't it???
  9. I didn't like this thread. it was pretentious and the actors are clearly over acting trying to save a dead plot. The editing was choppy and it felt like random things were stuck in place to try to make up for a clear a definite lack of storyline. The lead actress obviously blew the director and it's the only way she ever made it through the casting call. The only highlight in this whole thread was Iceman's boobs. It wasn't enough to save the thread, and now not only do i want my money back, but i want to sue the shit out of whoever allowed this to happen.
  10. YES! We watch this every week, it's what season three now?? love it.
  11. I owe you a + that was awesome. i'm classic at the moment. http://youtu.be/iJCXpFy0E5s
  12. I went there once for a visit and we sang a lovely song together. when is not awesome to find SOTL mash ups??? WHEN???
  13. You'd like it Chris, I've seen both the U.S. and Aussie version, they are both top notch dark comedy.
  14. Sony gets screwed when to comes to the copyright lawyer stuff is what it comes down to. Ps3 gets games that xbox will NEVER get. On the other hand some of the DLC that xbox gets on these bigger games is full of bugs. it's a catch 22. i always play games i want DLC on xbox- stuff i want PC quality i get on ps3 ( my PC isn't powerful enough to play the better quality games on without spending more than i afford- i'm talking Metal gear, tomb raider, and some new ones coming out that look AMAZING- xbox could do this same graphic stuff but they rarely do), and then i don't sweat the DLC as much.
  15. sorry, doj, they are intriguing, and interesting if nothing else. i'm onto cuz isss mah birfday and i wanna party like its maaah birfday.
  16. Just finished watching it. I'm not going to get to into it- but that was a damn fun movie. wish i had seen it in the theater tho.
  17. go ahead. bring your kung fu to a 'license to kill' fight. watch your kung fu ass get run over by a muthafuckin' dodge charger. all of the 'henchmen' know martial arts. doesn't do shit for a guy who's had a hard on and no release for over 3 years. in other words, unless you've got tits and a skin tight suit and can catch a knife between your teeth...brocks gonna make you his bitch.
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