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  1. omfug this got me. big time. lol. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504803_162-57363207-10391709/puppy-rescue-in-afghanistan-by-u.s-troops/
  2. http://www.wtop.com/209/2901957/Boy-made-honorary-Marine-before-he-dies
  3. Also that woman...is evil. I know there are certain hondionians who wouldn't believe it would help anything, but honestly, it would put my mind at ease if they killed that bitch. Over. and. over. and over.
  4. i got the hang of it finally, I hate the POV on it tho, not going to do much slaying from horse back.
  5. ayup. it's true. read the books. srsly. totally worth the read. the characters you love are even better, and there's a few more you'll learn to love even more.
  6. so i played for a bit today, stole a horse and went off to do some combat.... yeah..... it kinda sucked haha. I couldn't hit anyone, my one handed combat is to the max i'm a brenton...and fashioned my character after Briene (sp? can't remember) from GOT- this is my second character - first was a high elf, who proved to be 'unliked' by everyone. anyways, combat on horse sucked for me. i did enjoy some new load screens tho. Also trolls are all kinds of everywhere, but that could be because of my level?? Not really sure why i run into more trolls than anything else (even dragon
  7. up on cripple creek she sends me... my femnazi mum HATED THIS SONG lulz. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPSS69FoGAQ
  8. this is why the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are awesome. this song/vid (sorry i can only find via vevtard) and here. just so you don't think i've gone all not folky-singer-songwriter- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g34KQzw8P30 Sophie's name was ALMOST LILY. because of this song haha.
  9. I've got all summer to catch up to the stuff that's going to happen this season. So far my thoughts on the book are; man these people fuck a lot.
  10. I'd advise that you just skip book one, if you want to skip any at all. DO NOT SKIP BOOK TWO. Especially if you have unanswered questions about the second season.
  11. I don't like the POV. but yeah if that's gameplay...that's friggin' sweet.
  12. READ THE BOOKS. <3 None of that stuff is explained until the next (3)books Haku- as far as John Snow, it was pretty much true, there's much more of him and his 'brother' who was also caught. It explains it better.
  13. yeah don't unless you want to spoil the beginning of next season. Some of mine are book spoilers but they belong to this season- or what should have been there this season.
  14. WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? make 'em read the books like the rest of us did!!!! there's so much missing from the last episode, my thoughts on last episode-major spoilers. Also i think they should rename the series "101 Ways to Make a Pretty Princess Cry" poor Sansa!! Haku- some of Ly's spoilers don't happen until the next book- so you wouldn't know about them this season anyways. It's kind of like Lost where every ending is intentionally left as a cliffhanger, but gets resolved eventually (unlike Lost haha).
  15. i'll take whatever i can get-fixing glitches for the xbox360 alone would be a huge change in gameplay for me, nevermind adding stuff on. (sorry about repost of trailer...but seriously...man that is SO AWESOME *drools*)
  16. I hated becoming a vampire. if they make it an 'at will' thing I'm down. Nothing worse than going back to a previous save.
  17. who multiple threads in multiple forums...move along move along...
  18. Ygritte has a natural pretty. it doesn't need to be done up, you just cover all of the natural pretty. I think the same way of Natalie Portman, like the more you add to her face, the less you see her and the uglier she gets.
  19. http://tv.yahoo.com/photos/game-of-thrones-what-does-cast-really-look-like-slideshow/emilia-clarke-photo-1338506729.html Arya looks SO MUCH BETTER without makeup! <3
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