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  1. you're gonna make me beg you back on here, arent you?

  2. happy 2nd anni!

  3. Been playing some SNES recently...and couldn't not do this... Super-awesome-cool. Kicks in around 0:25.
  4. Not too long, but some dastardly puzzles...I think point and click games are more down to practice than anything...
  5. Christian Bale in American Psycho Most of the actors in Sin City... Ah, I'm only saying these because I've seen them recently - it's a tough call as I can't remember half the movies I've watched :(
  6. You Are 15% Normal About Sex When it comes to sex, you're definitely a freak.You're entirely abnormal. And you're probably quite wild. Don't let your weird ways get your down. Embrace them! No one is as sexually normal as they pretend to be. Not even close. Are You Normal About Sex?
  7. http://www.southparkzone.com/episodes/310/Chinpokomon.html * *May cause seizures, but worth it; these are seizures of joy.
  8. It's threads like this that make me regret leaving my games at home...When you feel the urge for Fallout there are no compromises. Still, the release date draws nearer and I'm planning on buying a game for the first time in far too long...better start saving now... I'd say everyone should play them before the third just because they're amazing games, but I played Fallout 2 before 1 without any reservations about the storyline.
  9. Lottie


    Ah, I gambled away all the flezz I earned...it's a good job I never have any real money...
  10. Both of you are right...2T feeds from his own deep well of anger...
  11. I should have asked someone else to take this for the full effect, but it's barely midday and no-one in their right mind will be up. Ah, sweet holidaying I might muster some energy later and try for a shot where I'm not about to crumble into the chair from exhaustion. Good photos up on the whole, though you should really start a new thread for underwear modeling portfolios. I hear huge cheesy grins are hot this season.
  12. make me feel so good inside.

    oh wait you were'nt singing at me nick were you?

  13. well, its gotta be a chocolate jesus.

  14. if you're that baby's mama, where you been at?

    p.s. where you been at?

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