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  1. I've watched death note on/off up until 20 something. Annoys me how every character ends up being pure faggotry, plus the theme songs are bloody annoying
  2. Styles * Rap * Underground Rap * Political Rap * Jazz-Rap * Midwest Rap * Alternative Rap
  3. is ANYONG gonig to see that sislver surfer sihtE? or rush hour 3 tyhers's a new s.kroeran fuiolm out that i wanna see i think matybe same release date as theb US
  4. pretty easy on a TFT with comic book reader
  5. i only liked múm's first album... rest was too average i felt..
  6. Alright, so I know when people think of Talk Talk they think of the "It's My Life" synthpop stuff. But hell no. Talk Talk's last 2 albums are where it's at. The founders of post-rock. Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock are my favourite albums ever. They're like a mixture of rock, jazz, classical, ambient. Totally flawless. It's so vibrant in sound. Seriously, Spirit of Eden/Laughing Stock > Dark Side of The Moon. It's that good. Both 5/5 albums. Please tell me others here are fans? If you really want top-notch stuff to just sit back with a nice couple of drinks to listen to, this
  7. 2046. Directed by Wong-Kar Wai Haven't see the previous films either. Sonny you'd love this bloke's work, you really would. It's all so visually unique and stylised. Cinematography at it's finest buddy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2046_%28film%29
  8. A have a few landmark and classic works from Marvel and DC. Man Without Fear, Year One, Death of Gwen, any thing well rated really that I've picked up cheap But I stick to my motto: fuck material possessions, what's the point in being a materialistic bastard when you can download it all for free off of the Internet? Whether it be music, film, or literature.. true artists don't care about the money they make from their work
  9. Masque


    My Pokemans. Let me show you them.
  10. I wonder how much fat she will have lost when you guys are through with her "She doesn't wear deodorant, and also doesn't shave her armpits. "I think punks usually smell." she claims." "weighs around 15 stone (about 210 lbs.), and is also in a relationship with a transgendered individual who was born a woman but identifies as a man"
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