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  1. Thanks thats what I wanted to know. Apreciate the help
  2. Im trying to use an emulator and I want to know if a flas card is what you use to do this and if you need an aditional program to run the rom of the games. Any info will be appreciated.

  4. Yes he did have his own series once and it was bad, but if it would be a marvel edge comic i'd read it.
  5. Thanks for the Hulk update looks very good
  6. Welcome to the boards, man! you may be a friend of alex's, but we wont hold that against you.

  7. Welcome to the boards!

  8. Nice graphics but for street fighter you have to play in 2D.
  9. I definitly go wiyh shrek cause of the humor.
  10. Cool Newtype cant wait to see the movies.
  11. Would it fucking kill you to post or is it that you don't want the wife to know your trying to have a little fun.

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