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  1. I originally got given a copy of the game back in 2001 or so. I never made it out of the morgue. However, later, a year or so ago, I really loved the story in the few hours I put in to the game a few years back. However, being honest, the actual combat is so janky. I doubt the Enhanced Edition or any mod's going to fix the struggle I had with that. One I'll definitely have to return to. The closest I've got to playing a classic cRPG is Divinity: Origin Sin 2 and Tyranny. I loved the story of the latter, but it's that Real Time With Pause system that I just can't stand to be honest.
  2. I fractured the ankle that I use for soccer in three differenent places including dislocation. I've got got about 10 screws and a metal plate in there, and it'll still quite a bruised colour and swollen after 2 years. I'm still not great at striking the ball, but I feel some strength coming back to me, as it hurt just to make a touch with it before. Due to the lack of kicking strength, I moved from centre defence into a defensive midfielder role, and now it's just trying to calm my nerves and play my game when I'm under pressure - but I've been praised for my man marking and tackling at least.
  3. I recently started playing soccer again back in February and I've lost about 13kg (28lbs)!! I was wondering if anyone here also plays a sport regularly? It's always worth checking if you can find a league at your level, basketball, baseball - whatever you play. I managed to find one for lads that are coming off the back of major injuries and want to get into playing again. It's been fantastic for both my physical fitness and mental health. I find team sports are far superior compared to just going for a jog on your own.
  4. Chaps, you might want to check sites like ShopTo (not sure if there's a US version) as sometimes the prices for the physical copy are far cheaper than the digital, but as Lipala said: Nintendo tax.
  5. I really liked this short and sweet cRPG by Obsidian called 'Tyranny'. They definitely know how to write a great story and create immersive worlds. I'm holding off for a sale simply because I've got too much on the go at the moment. Either way, looking forward to getting lost in this world.
  6. astral chain is a switch exclusive. it's an action game. the chap beyond nier automata also worked on it. it's a slightly anime take on cyberpunk, like a neo-tokyo bladerunner-type world. you are fighting off invaders from the astral plane with one you have captured as your own to control. he's on a chain... the combat is pretty cool, with some precise timing required, but also how you use your legion and his chain. you can rebound enemy attacks with it like a wire, and also tie the enemy up with is quite fun. i'm a few hours in to it, and the story seems a
  7. I saw Shadow live in Bristol a few years ago at a warehouse venue. It was annoying as I got there around 2000. He started at 0100 and I just had to endure lots of techno/dnb DJs. There was this Romanian lady that liked me though. I should have stayed and chatted with her. Anyway, he just played his new stuff. I love Endtroducing but not that big on anything else, sadly.
  8. Good work lads, we've modernised
  9. bahahha, great find mate. WHen I did some reading on Churchil rather than what they preach, I was quite horrified. Started a famine in Indian than japed "they breed like rabbits and deserve it anyway", created the Black and Tans to terrorise the Irish. Even think the firebombing of Dresden was his idea. He was proper bloodthirsty, wanted to invade to Soviet Union as well. I think it it wasn't for Chamberlain (who has a horribly unfair reputation) constantly postponing the war we would have never been prepaered in munitions and aircraft to defend ourselves in the Battle of Britain. For me, my d
  10. Morning lads. This lad's not only one of the most original lyricists around right now, but this 80s style synth production - I'm loving it
  11. 'Darkest Hour', new film at cinema. Winston Churchill stuff. A good film with some cracking acting but not a fan of the made up parts. We worship the bloody man too much.
  12. I'm going to clone you and and stick you into my VR game. IT'S JUST A GAME. YOU AREN'T A SENTIENT BEING. YOU'RE VR-AI-DNA. Great episode, the Star Fleet one.
  13. For those that pick stuff up monthly, bi-weekly at the local CBS or Comixology or Marvel service, what's on your pull list? Why? Maybe you're going to switch it around a bit, pick another book up, or drop a book or two.
  14. I watched the Civil War film but didn't understand it, despite reading the book (just the main six issues). Didn't know what the Winter Soldier was, didn't understand why Spider-Man was shunned out. I couldn't hear it either. The dialogue was ridiculously low volume compared to the action scenes. I suppose I needed to see all the previous Captain American films which I've not. I also don't understand nor like Ant-Man. I thought he was Hank Pym. Had never heard of Scott Lang. Using actual ants as an ability - not sure if that worked. They didn't bother to use the electric-fucker-upper ants i
  15. I loved the first season. The second, not so much. Didn't have that aura of mystery or horror for me.
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    Playing on a screen that size/4 must have been so difficult!
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  19. I'd always see the "Stan Lee Presents" and, being cynical, thought he'd barely have time to keep on top of what he was 'presenting' i.e. knew nothing about the more adult themes being introduced since the death of Gwen. Especially 'pool, but then I did see him in the film which endorses the character.
  20. Wasn't cheap, but these are all good quality and may increase in value. Camera didn't like the plastic sorry. This was a birthday present to myself (as one does). After a bit of research picked this up. My history teacher had a lot of X-comics from the 90s, X-Factor, X-Force, Excalibur. I've always been fascinated by Marvel UK and old Excalibur and Captain Britain stuff are the last remnants of it really. Marvel UK would reprint a lot of US stuff, but also had a lot of original works by same of the bigger names of later years like Alan Moore and Grant Morrison.
  21. The 90s stuff was before my time, but I had some TPBs that were sold at a reasonable prince back in the 00s and loved them very much.
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