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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HONDOS STYLE! Miss you!!!! <3

  2. I'm agreed as to Zeitgeist not being fantastic... Whether Billy Corgan did most of the everything in the Pumpkins, especially near the end, it isn't the same band now. It's like the Beatles... near the end Paul was going in and recording things alone, as was John, and Paul was re-recording all of Ringo's drums, but the solo albums that followed, though good (great, a few of them), were not the same, and I would never want to call them Beatles albums. They're not. I feel like he's just trying to get people to buy the album based on the name since Zwan didn't do that well (commercially, anyway
  3. no i do not use chat clients. i posted in the 'what are you reading now' thread.i just saw you online (which you aren't often on) so i thought i'd drop by and say hello :)

  4. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey lady!

  5. Merry Christmas! Sorry for the delay, I left to take a shower in preparation for the horror of the airport tomorrow. I have been reading nothing but girly magazines for like a week now, and am desperately in the market for something else if you have any suggestions :-P Do you have AIM or something?

  6. merry xmas (yeah i see you!) read anything good these days?

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! <3

  8. I'm sorry to hear :( My aim is WingedGestapo but I've just reinstated my WoW account so I'm slow to reply, haha. I'm enjoying my memorial day by being a nerd lol <3 Chat with you soon!

  9. I totally realized I read your comment and forgot to reply. Me and Cody broke up :-/ It was during your extended leave of absence of the internet, otherwise you would have seen news of it on here. Do you have an AIM screenname? It'd be easier to chat :-P

  10. How are you and Cody doin'?? :)

  11. I spy me a Caterpillar... but no justeattendant

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