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  1. hope you've been doing well, man.

  2. hey, just wanted to let you know you're missed around these parts, man!

  3. Still, anything related to Green Day can only be of very shitty quality.
  4. I'm too lazy to make lists right now, but I'll say this: Crash, I FUCKING HATE. The Darjeeling Limited would be in my top 10 of the decade.
  5. That's got to be Uncharted 2. Modern Warfare 2? Even the presentation's fugly, friends. That shit ain't worth $60.
  6. So far I've beaten the Phalanx, Tower Knight, Armor Spider, Fool's Idol, and the Leechmonger. I freaking love this game! Also, it's great when someone recommends your messages. Nick, the Lady in Black is talking about the Monumental. Once you reach the statue, you need to take the stairs to your left and keep walking. You'll see a bunch of dead guys sitting and then there's one with a lit candle in front of him. That's the Monumental. EDIT: I also made the red faced knight my bitch. Hell yeah.
  7. 90sKid


    Downloaded the demo. Didn't really like it to even rent it. HATED the music.
  8. I wrote "feel you very tense." I am ashamed and will atone for the dishonor I brought to my family. About red face: I saw him, but I was also standing on a message that said "Beginners should try this area later," so I went to Latria =) ...where those fucking Cthlhu guys fucked my shit.
  9. Just bought this beauty yesterday and as a result I'm poor until next week... which is not really a problem, as I'll only leave my house for classes and the rest of the time I'll be studying for finals. From the little bit I played, man, I hadn't been so immersed in a game in a very, very long time. I thought the combat was going to be sort of boring but hell no, those blue faced demon knights can sometimes feel you very tense. I chose templar knight for my first round. What about you, guys? Also, I gave a pass at Dragon Age for this gem, and while I don't regret it, I'd like to
  10. oh shit, son! you're back! awesome man, you've been missed.

  11. Yeah, I always forget to do the easy stuff.
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