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  1. Hey there kiddies it’s yer old friend the DevilsAdvoc8 or DA8 as ye used to call me when I was trolling before trolling was a thing and starting all kinds a mischief n mayhem! Got a podcast now and need yer love n support! @JAFNpodcast on most social media platforms and available most places podcasts can be found! Link here! https://anchor.fm/jafnpodcast

  2. Also when the "L" and the "I" are real close like that in the print it looks like they keep callin him "CUNT"
  3. This seems pretty funny from what I saw. I'd def check out a trade - hardcover?
  4. I can def see the point about Civil War. Didn't care about New Warriors, Goliath. I think the movie folks can def take the baseline of the story and get it right. Issue 3 was gem when Cap shakes Starks hand - delivers that message. Wow I was salivating at that point but ended in a lull, Cap death thing didn't help. Eh it was a good premise could be fixed.
  5. Never read the originals as much as a Marvel fan that I am. Stopped collecting about 2 years ago and actually sold off most my collection, still have my trades though. Anywho last thing I picked up was DoW #2 I really dug it and the first ish. Great art, cool story. I've become a trade-waiter I suppose - if this is good I'll give it a read. Now the Alex Ross pic is nice.
  6. Saw "Horns" on Sat night. Was pretty cool. The pass or fail for me is "would you buy it on blu-ray, if priced right?" Yeah I would. I thought ol Danny Radcliffe did a good job and an Americano and that Juno Temple - man she can get nude anytime. Hot as a redhead, too slutty to play innocent though. Never would have made it as a MJ or a Gwen.
  7. Someone felt like me...I weep for them...no sarcasm.
  8. Did I win best troll? Sounds like an insult...
  9. Alas for you mon ami I have returned...


  11. Who, what, when, where, why and how is Hondos' con???


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